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What is a Rear-End Accident?

A rear-end accident, also known as a rear-end collision or rear-end crash, occurs when one vehicle collides with the back of another vehicle. [1] In this type of accident, the front of one vehicle makes contact with the rear of the vehicle in front of it.

Rear-end accidents are a prevalent type of auto accident on the road, making up 28% of all automobile accidents, according to a recent report by the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA). [2]

What is a Rear-End Accident?

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What Causes Rear-end Accidents?

Here are some causes of rear-end accidents:

  • Impaired Driving
  • Inexperienced Drivers
  • Malfunctioning Brake Lights
  • Poor Weather Conditions
  • Sudden Stops
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating


Injuries Sustained By Victims During Rear-end Accidents

In rear-end accidents, the injuries sustained by victims can vary widely based on the severity of the collision, the speed at which the vehicles were traveling, the use of safety features in the vehicles, and other factors.

Here are some common injuries that victims may sustain in rear-end accidents:

Seemingly minor rear-end accidents can result in injuries, and symptoms may not always be immediately apparent.

Injuries Sustained By Victims During Rear-end Accidents

Possible Liable Parties in Rear-end Accident Cases

In a rear-end accident case, liability is typically assigned to the party determined to be at fault. The liable party is responsible for compensating the injured party for damages. Here are the possible liable parties in a rear-end accident case:

  • Negligent Drivers
  • Government Entities
  • Vehicle Manufacturer or Maintenance Provider

Determining liability in a rear-end accident case involves a careful examination of the circumstances surrounding the collision. Factors such as the actions of both drivers, traffic conditions, road design, and any mechanical issues with the vehicles will be considered.

Statute of Limitations for Rear-end Accident Cases in Vancouver, WA

In Vancouver, Washington DC, the Statute of Limitations for filing a claim for damages after a rear-end accident is two years from the date of the accident.

If a lawsuit is not filed within this time frame, the court may refuse to hear the case, and the opportunity to seek compensation for physical injuries and damages may be lost. To ensure your lawsuit is filed before the time limit runs out, contact our dedicated personal injury lawyers in Vancouver, Washington, today. 

Statute of Limitations for Rear-end Accident Cases in Vancouver, WA

Why Do You Need a Rear-end Accident Lawyer for Your Case?

If you have been in a rear-end accident, you are probably dealing with pain, mounting bills, and a confusing web of insurance paperwork.

Don’t let the stress and uncertainty overwhelm you. Our team of dedicated rear-end accident lawyers is here to be your champion, your guide, and your voice in the fight for justice. Here’s why you need us on your side:

  • We’ve helped hundreds of rear-end accident victims like you get the compensation they deserve. We know how to navigate the legal system and win.
  • Whether it’s distracted driving, faulty brakes, or sudden stops, we’ll meticulously investigate your accident and gather the evidence to build a winning case.
  • Insurance companies will try to lowball you. We’ll be your aggressive negotiators, ensuring you get the full and fair compensation you deserve for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.
  • We’ll be your shield against unfair tactics and confusing paperwork. You focus on healing, we’ll handle the legal battle.
  • This is more than just a case; it’s about your well-being. We’ll be your trusted advisors and understanding allies every step of the way.

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FAQs About Rear-end Accidents

Seek medical attention for injuries, report the accident to law enforcement, gather information from the other driver(s) and witnesses, and contact your insurance company.

In many cases, the at-fault driver's insurance covers damages. However, it's essential to report the accident promptly and let your lawyers work with your insurance company to assess the extent of damages.

Investigation may be needed to determine the validity of the claim. Mechanical failure could involve the vehicle manufacturer or maintenance provider in liability.


[1] Rear End – Road Safety Toolkit. (n.d.). https://toolkit.irap.org/crash-type/rear-end/

[2] Rear-end collision. (2023, September 24). Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rear-end_collision

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