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When a property owner fails to take action to protect the public from harm - that's negligence and if you were hurt as a result you have a right to compensation.

Premises liability is a legal concept that holds property owners responsible for injuries suffered by visitors due to unsafe or hazardous conditions on the property. If you have suffered an injury due to a hazardous condition on someone else’s property, you may be eligible for compensation. 

An experienced Appleton premises liability lawyer can help you understand your rights and help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Premises liability is a legal doctrine that holds property owners and occupiers responsible for injuries or damages suffered by individuals on the premises due to negligent acts. It covers a range of topics including slips and falls, inadequate security measures, defective conditions, and negligent supervision.

Premises liability law applies both inside and outside of buildings—even in public spaces, such as parks and sidewalks. Property owners or occupiers may be liable for damages if they fail to meet their duty of care and a visitor is injured due to their negligence.

Negligence might include failure to warn visitors about dangerous conditions, maintain safe premises, or protect against third-party acts. Injured individuals may be able to recover damages for medical costs, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

Types of Appleton Premises Liability Cases we Handle

Our lawyers at Goldberg & Loren can help you in a variety of cases, including:

Premises Liability Lawyer

What to Do After an Injury in Appleton

If you have been injured due to a hazardous condition on someone else’s property, you should contact Goldberg & Loren right away. We will review the circumstances of your case, help assess your damages, and fight for the compensation you deserve.

You should document your injuries, including:

You should also retain an experienced Appleton premises liability lawyer as soon as possible. At Goldberg & Loren, we will protect your rights and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for your injury.

How to Prove Negligence in a Premises Liability Case

What is Duty of Care?

In regards to premises liability, a person or entity in control of the property has an obligation to keep it reasonably safe and prevent foreseeable accidents. This could include warning people of potential dangers which are not easy to recognize in normal activities.

In Appleton, regardless of if a person is an invitee, licensee, or trespasser and whether the property in question is public or private; it’s up to the owner to keep their domain reasonably safe. 

This implies they must assess all circumstances beforehand like potential risks and how much effort would be required for maintenance before allowing people on their land.

In order to win a premises liability claim your attorney must demonstrate:

Your Appleton premises liability attorney At Goldberg & Loren, understands how difficult it is to deal with an injury caused by negligence.

We are dedicated to helping you understand your rights, filing your claim and obtaining the maximum compensation for your losses.

Types of Compensation in Appleton Premises Liability Cases

We will fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve including:

How an Appleton Premises Liability Lawyer Can Help

An Appleton premises liability lawyer can assist you in understanding your legal rights and help you seek compensation for your injuries.

An experienced lawyer can investigate the incident, gather evidence, and help you build a strong case for your claim.

A skilled lawyer can help you negotiate a fair settlement or represent you in court if necessary.

We Fight for Maximum Compensation in Your Appleton Premises Liability Case

At Goldberg & Loren, we understand the difficulties and hardships associated with an accident on someone else’s property.

We are dedicated to helping you obtain full and fair compensation for your losses. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common examples of premises liability include slips and falls due to wet floors or a broken step; inadequate security measures resulting in injury to visitors, such as an assault by another person; defective conditions leading to injury, such as a loose handrail on a stairway; and negligent supervision that causes harm, like leaving children unattended.

In addition, property owners can be held liable for such things as lead paint poisoning, structural collapse, electric shock and fire hazards. If a visitor is injured due to any of these conditions, the owner may be responsible for damages.

The duty of care owed by property owners or occupiers depends on the status of the visitor. Generally, they must take reasonable steps to maintain safe premises and protect visitors from foreseeable risks. This includes such things as regular inspection and repair of any potential hazards, warning visitors about any dangerous conditions that may exist, and providing adequate security measures to prevent violence or other criminal acts.

Property owners or occupiers must also take reasonable steps to protect against third-party acts and warn visitors of any dangerous conditions present on the premises.

If you have been injured due to a negligent act by a property owner or occupier, it is important to seek legal advice from a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

A premises liability lawyer can help you determine whether or not the property owner or occupier was negligent and if you are entitled to damages for your injuries.

In addition, they can provide guidance on filing a lawsuit and help guide you through the process of seeking compensation for your losses.

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