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Hillsboro, Oregon, has unfortunately seen a significant number of collisions involving motorcycles, resulting in injuries and fatalities. With the beautiful landscapes and winding roads of Hillsboro, motorists and motorcyclists need to stay vigilant and adhere to traffic laws to minimize motorcycle accidents.

In 2021, there were 21 motorcycle accidents, resulting in 20 injuries in Hillsboro, Oregon. [1] This number seems to be increasing in recent years.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

In motorcycle accidents, causes can range from negligent driving to road hazards and defective motorcycle components.

  • Alcohol or drug impairment: Intoxication can severely impair a motorcyclist’s coordination, judgment, and reaction time, leading to loss of control, collisions, and common injuries such as broken bones, head and spinal injuries, and even fatalities.
  • Car doors opening: When a motorcyclist is riding near parked cars, an unexpectedly opening car door can cause a collision, potentially resulting in severe injuries, including lacerations, broken bones, and spinal injuries.
  • Distracted driving: Negligent drivers can fail to notice motorcyclists, leading to accidents. Injuries may include whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, and broken bones.
  • Lack of protection: The lack of protection provided by a motorcycle compared to a car leaves motorcycle riders vulnerable to the impact of a crash. As a result, motorcyclists are at a higher risk of sustaining severe injuries.
  • Lane splitting: Riding between lanes in slow or stopped traffic can result in collisions with cars or sudden lane changes, potentially causing injuries such as broken bones, neck injuries, and head trauma.
  • Road hazards: Potholes, debris, or uneven road surfaces pose a significant risk to motorcyclists, potentially causing accidents resulting in severe fractures and road rash.
  • Tailgating: Following too closely behind other vehicles reduces the reaction time and can lead to rear-end collisions, potentially causing whiplash, spinal injuries, and more.
  • Vehicle blind spots: Drivers failing to see motorcyclists in their blind spots can lead to accidents, resulting in injuries such as concussions, fractures, and internal injuries.
  • Weather conditions: Adverse weather, such as rain, snow, or ice, can decrease visibility and traction, potentially leading to accidents causing a range of injuries, including spinal cord injuries and hypothermia.
Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Who Can Be Held Liable for Motorcycle Accidents?

Liability in motorcycle accidents hinges on the specific circumstances of each case, and it typically requires a thorough investigation and gathering of evidence to determine who can be held responsible for the accident.

The automobile manufacturer may be liable for faulty components that contributed to the accident. Automobile drivers can also be considered fault parties if they fail to share the road safely with motorcycles due to their lack of attentiveness, reckless driving, or failure to yield to motorcycles.

Government entities can become liable if it can be proven that they were aware of road conditions and failed to take appropriate measures to address them.

Insurance Company Considerations for a Motorcycle Accident Claim

When dealing with an insurance company for a motorcycle accident claim, the key consideration is fault determination. It’s important to establish who was at fault party for the accident to determine liability and ensure a fair settlement.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers collect potential evidence, including witness statements, police reports, photographs of the scene and property damage, medical expenses, and medical records. These can be instrumental in proving fault and establishing the extent of injuries.

During insurance company negotiations, our personal injury attorneys work closely to ensure that the claim is appropriately represented. Factors such as the type of helmet worn during the crash and the collection of time-sensitive evidence can also impact a personal injury lawsuit.

Insurance Company Considerations for a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims in Hillsboro, Oregon

The Statute of Limitations for personal injury claims in Hillsboro, Oregon, vary depending on the type of injury and the circumstances surrounding the incident. For most personal injury cases, including those involving a motorcycle accident, the general time limit for filing a lawsuit is two years from the date of the injury or accident.

However, there are some exceptions; for example, if the injured party is a minor at the time of the accident, the Statute of Limitations may be extended until they reach the age of 18. If the injured party is deemed mentally incompetent at the time of the accident, the Statute of Limitations may be tolled until they are declared competent.

Failing to file a claim within the specified timeframe may result in the inability to seek compensation for fatal injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident or other personal injury incident. Contact our personal injury lawyers in Hillsboro for guidance regarding your specific case. 

What Does a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Do?

Motorcycle accident lawyers at Goldberg & Loren play a pivotal role in representing and advocating for the rights of motorcycle accident victims. Our responsibilities include the following:

  • Legal representation: We provide legal representation for individuals injured in a motorcycle accident, helping them navigate the legal process.
  • Investigation: Our attorneys conduct a thorough investigation of the accident, collecting evidence, speaking with witnesses, and analyzing police reports to build a strong case for our client.
  • Negotiation: Personal injury attorneys at Goldberg & Loren negotiate with insurance adjusters and other fault parties to secure fair compensation for the victim’s injuries, medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering.
  • Court representation: If fair financial compensation cannot be reached, we represent our clients in court, presenting their case to a judge and jury to seek appropriate compensation.
  • Legal expertise: Our motorcycle accident attorney can provide expert legal advice and guide tour clients through complex legal procedures, laws, and regulations related to motorcycle accidents.
What Does a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Do?

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When you choose Goldberg & Loren, you can trust that you are in capable hands, and we work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the justice and maximum compensation you are entitled to. Contact our experienced motorcycle attorneys today and we will help you navigate the aftermath of your accident.


[1] OREGON DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. (2023, June). 2021 OREGON TRAFFIC CRASH SUMMARY. Retrieved December 10, 2023, from https://www.oregon.gov/odot/Data/Documents/Crash_Summary_2021.pdf

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