Counties With the Most Motorcycle Deaths in Oregon

Here’s the list of 6 Oregon counties with the most motorcycle deaths.

1. Clackamas County

2. Jackson County

3. Marion County

4. Tillamook County 

5. Union County

6. Clatsop County


Fatal Motorcycle Crashes in Clackamas County

Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes are common in Oregon, and Clackamas County is no exception. In recent years, fatal motorcycle accidents have been a significant concern for the community and local authorities. 

In 2022, Clackamas County had 29 motorcycle crashes, leading to 9 fatalities, as indicated in the report. [1]

Common causes and contributing factors of motorcycle crashes in Clackamas County include speeding, reckless driving, road conditions, vehicle visibility, distraction, impaired driving, and lack of experience.

Clackamas County’s “Drive to Zero” initiative minimizes injuries and fatalities on their roadways. They aim to eliminate fatal and serious injury collisions by 2035. According to recent data, achieving this objective could result in saving 32 lives and preventing 250 serious injuries annually in Clackamas County. [4]

Fatal motorcycle crashes in Clackamas County

Jackson County Ranks Second for Motorcycle Deaths in Oregon

Jackson County has unfortunately earned the distinction of being the second most county with motorcycle fatalities, based on recent data. The latest data from the Oregon Department of Transportation reveals that Jackson County faced a concerning scenario in 2022, reporting a total of 22 motorcycle crashes, resulting in 5 fatalities. [1]

The data also highlights the need for enhanced education on defensive riding and the significance of following traffic laws to help reduce the number of fatalities and crashes in the region.


Rising Motorcycle Fatalities Increase Safety Concerns in Marion County

In 2022, Marion County witnessed 19 motorcycle crashes, resulting in the loss of 4 lives. [1] The dramatic increase in motorcycle accidents has raised significant concerns among authorities and the local community regarding the safety of motorcyclists in the region.

Marion County is Oregon’s fifth most populated county, located in the Willamette Valley region. [5] With a growing population and a network of roads that support commuting and recreational activities, Marion County sees its share of traffic incidents, including motorcycle accidents.

The combination of rural roads, urban traffic, and scenic byways in Marion County presents opportunities and challenges for motorcycle riders. While the county offers beautiful landscapes and rides, it also presents unique hazards such as tricky road conditions, blind turns, and intersections that require heightened awareness.

Rising motorcycle fatalities increase safety concerns in Marion County

Tillamook County Experiences a Troubling Rise in Motorcycle Fatalities

In 2022, Tillamook County experienced a concerning spike in motorcycle crashes, resulting in 10 reported motorcycle accidents and 4 fatalities. [1] The reasons behind these crashes were mainly speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Tillamook County is one of the least populous counties in the Oregon state. Despite its low population, the County’s roads are popular among motorcyclists drawn to scenic highways and coastal routes offering breathtaking views.

These routes also present unique challenges and risks for motorcyclists, including winding roads, limited visibility, and varying road conditions. As a result, the county has seen a concerning number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities in recent years.


Union County Records 3 Motorcycle Fatalities

Union County experienced 6 motorcycle crashes resulting in 3 fatalities in 2022. [1] The occurrence of multiple fatal crashes in Union County in such a short period underscores the importance of road safety and the need for greater vigilance and adherence to traffic regulations. 


There Were 3 Motorcycle Fatalities in Clatsop County.

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, Clatsop County reported 7 crashes and 3 motorcycle accident fatalities in the year 2022, highlighting a concerning pattern of road safety. [1]

Given the county’s scenic routes and coastal charm, motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation and recreation for residents and tourists. However, this popularity brings with it an increased risk of motorcycle-related incidents.

Increased popularity of motorcycles in Clatsop County led to 3 fatalities

Motorcycle Fatality Statistics in Oregon

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, 251 motorcycle crashes were reported in 2022, contributing to 43 fatalities. [1] Compared to 78 motorcyclist deaths in 2021, it’s significantly lower and the substantial decline in fatalities underscores a potential positive trend, yet the overall number of crashes remains a concern. [2]

Several factors contribute to the high motorcycle fatality rates in Oregon, including higher speeds, alcohol impairment, decline in motorcycle helmet use, and limited visibility on the road. The increased popularity of motorcycles as a mode of transportation and recreation has also played a role in the rising fatality rates.

Comparison of Motorcycle Fatality Rates Between Different Transportation Modes

In comparison to other transportation modes, motorcycle accidents have significantly higher fatality rates. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the fatality rate for motorcyclists in the United States is 29 times higher than that for occupants of other vehicles. [3] 

If you have lost a loved one due to a motorcycle accident, contact Goldberg & Loren’s wrongful death attorneys in Oregon for legal representation today.  


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