Podiatrist Sexually Abuses Patients in Oregon

Portland Podiatrist Facing Charges

In recent news from Portland, a podiatrist, Dr. Brian M. Bowen, from Vancouver, Washington, is facing charges of sexually abusing two female patients. The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) has reported that the allegations stem from incidents that occurred during podiatry exams at Eastside Foot & Ankle, located on Northeast 44th Avenue in Portland.

The charges were brought forth after an extensive investigation by the PPB’s Sex Crimes Unit, and now, detectives are urging any potential additional victims to come forward.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time such an incident occurred in the area. Burleson, a doctor who was convicted of sex crimes in a plea deal, received a five-year prison sentence in 2004. Initially facing charges with potential 12-year mandatory minimums, the plea agreement eliminated such requirements, as confirmed by then-prosecutor Christine Mascal. In 2008, Burleson permanently surrendered his license. [1]

Portland Podiatrist Facing Charges

Investigation Details

The investigation began in September 2022 when a woman reported an incident in May of the same year, stating that she was fondled during a podiatry exam at Eastside Foot & Ankle. A second incident involving a different female patient was reported in January 2023.

Bill 974, referred to as the “Crime of Sexual Abuse by Fraudulent Representation,” is a legislative initiative designed to tackle instances of medical abuse. This legislation specifically targets situations in which medical professionals commit sexual abuse or assault against patients while masquerading under the pretense of delivering medical care.

As per the legislation, engaging in sexual assault through fraudulent representation is categorized as a class B felony, carrying a potential penalty of up to 10 years of imprisonment, a fine of $250,000, or a combination of both.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s office presented the case to a grand jury, which indicted Dr. Brian M. Bowen on December 6, 2023.

The charges include:

Ongoing Investigation:

As the legal proceedings unfold, the PPB emphasizes that

“This is an ongoing investigation, and the DA’s Office and Portland Police are asking any other patients who have had similar experiences with Dr. Bowen to come forward. Mugshots are no longer released in most criminal cases in Oregon, but Bowen’s photo is being released “to assist in locating any additional victims.”

Having initiated Eastside Foot and Ankle in 2012, Bowen is the founder. The practice operates with three providers, serving patients at their Portland and Gresham locations, as indicated on their official website.

Following his indictment on December 15, just a week later, an interim order was established through mutual agreement between Bowen and the Oregon Medical Board. This order mandates the presence of a trained chaperone during any examinations or medical procedures conducted by Bowen.

The requirement remains in effect until the Oregon Medical Board concludes its investigation into his professional conduct.

Ongoing Investigation

How to Assist the Investigation:

Individuals with information related to Dr. Bowen’s alleged crimes are urged to contact Detective Sean Harris via email at sean.harris@police.portlandoregon.gov or by phone at 503-823-0838. When reaching out, please reference case number 22-236740.

The case against Dr. Brian M. Bowen is a developing situation, and law enforcement is committed to a victim-centric and trauma-informed approach to sexual assault investigations. The PPB and the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office are dedicated to a thorough investigation to ensure justice is served.


If you have been a victim of medical malpractice in Oregon, contact Goldberg and Loren to schedule a free consultation dedicated legal representation today.  



Journal-Constitution, A. (n.d.). Report card: How Oregon protects patients from sexually abusive doctors. Doctors & Sex Abuse. https://doctors.ajc.com/states/oregon_sex_abuse/

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