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Were you recently involved in a multi-vehicle accident in Portland, Oregon?

The aftermath of a multi-vehicle accident can be overwhelming and stressful. That’s why you need an experienced Portland multi-vehicle accident attorney on your side. Our team of legal experts at Goldberg & Loren has years of experience handling complex accident cases.

Don’t let the stress and confusion of a multi-vehicle accident weigh you down. With our legal representation, you can focus on your recovery while we handle the legal details. We will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries, damages, and lost wages.

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Types of Portland Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Portland is a busy city with plenty of vehicles on the roads. Multi-vehicle accidents, which involve more than two vehicles, are becoming more common.

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Causes of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

There are several factors that can contribute to multi-vehicle accidents in Portland, including:

Distracted Driving is a dangerous behavior for drivers, passengers, and non-occupants alike. Distraction is a specific type of inattention that occurs when drivers divert their attention from the driving task to focus on some other activity instead (per NHTSA).

– From 2016-2020 there were 15,538 crashes resulting in 186 fatalities and 24,126 injuries caused by crashes involving a distracted driver in Oregon (all ages).

– From 2016-2020 there were 1,237 crashes, resulting in 24 fatalities and 1,824 injuries caused by drivers reported to have been using a cell phone at the time of the crash.

– 2016-2020 There were 127 crashes involving a driver age 16-18 reported to have been using a cell phone at the time of the crash: 0 fatalities and 179 people injured.

– 2016-2020 There were 59,074 convictions for this offense. [1]

If you have been injured in a multi-vehicle accident caused by another driver’s negligence, an experienced Portland multi-vehicle accident attorney at Goldberg & Loren can help you pursue compensation for your injuries and losses.

Common Injuries from Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Here are some common personal injuries associated with multi-vehicle accidents in Portland:

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What Should You Do After a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

If you are involved in a multi-vehicle accident in Portland, there are several important steps you should take:

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Who is Responsible for Making a Claim on Insurance?

In a multi-vehicle accident, all drivers involved are responsible for making an accident insurance claim to their respective insurance companies.

Each driver’s insurance company will investigate the accident and determine which driver was at fault based on the evidence gathered. Determining who is at fault in a multi-vehicle accident can be complex and require a thorough investigation.

It’s possible that multiple drivers share fault for the accident, and in that case, the insurance companies will divide the responsibility of covering damages and compensation depending on the percentage of fault.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Not all states mandate uninsured motorist coverage, also known as UM coverage. However, even if UM coverage isn’t required in your state, you take a serious risk if you drive without it. According to the Insurance Information Institute, nearly 13% of drivers countrywide don’t have auto insurance. In some states, the number of uninsured drivers is over 20%. [2]

Without uninsured motorist coverage, if you’re injured or your vehicle is damaged in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver, you could end up paying for medical bills or vehicle repairs out of your own pocket. Even if you file a claim against your own policy, you may have a large collision deductible or not have enough medical payments/personal injury protection to cover injuries caused to you or your passengers. [3]

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Who is Responsible for Paying for Medical Expenses in a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

In a multi-vehicle accident, the party responsible for paying medical expenses is typically the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

If multiple drivers share fault for the accident, each driver’s insurance company may be responsible for paying a percentage of the medical expenses based on the degree of fault assigned to each driver.

If the at-fault driver does not have insurance, does not have enough insurance coverage to cover the expenses, or their insurance company refuses to pay, you may be able to use your own insurance policy to cover your medical expenses.

If you have personal injury protection (PIP) as part of your auto insurance policy, it can cover your medical expenses regardless of who is at fault for the accident.

You may need to pursue legal action against the at-fault driver or their insurance company to obtain the compensation you need to cover your medical expenses. Consult with an experienced Portland multi-vehicle accident lawyer at Goldberg & Loren as soon as possible after the accident to ensure that your rights are protected.

Can I Receive Financial Compensation for Lost Wages Due to a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

If you are unable to work due to injuries sustained in a multi-vehicle accident in Portland, you are entitled to financial compensation for lost wages. Lost wages refer to any wage losses or earnings that you may have been unable to earn as a result of the accident, such as future earnings if you are unable to work in the future due to permanent injuries.

In order to recover lost wages, you will need to provide documentation of your actual financial losses, including pay stubs, tax returns, and other documentation that shows your income.

If you are self-employed or work on commission, providing documentation of your income can be more challenging, but it’s still possible to recover lost wages with the assistance of an experienced Portland multi-vehicle accident attorney. Our team at Goldberg & Loren are here to help you. 


If you’re searching for an attorney to help you navigate the complexities of your case, look no further than Goldberg & Loren. Our experienced team specializes in multi-vehicle accidents and knows how to fight for your rights and secure maximum compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, property damage and more.

Goldberg & Loren’s law firm can provide the legal representation you need to ensure that you’re fairly compensated for your damages, medical bills, and lost wages.

Don’t wait any longer. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and let us help you get the justice you deserve.


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