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Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorneys in Oregon

In Oregon, multi-vehicle accidents present a unique challenge for drivers, often resulting in confusion, chaos, and significant consequences. These accidents usually involve three or more vehicles colliding with each other in a single incident. These accidents often occur on highways or busy roads and can result in significant damage, injuries, and even fatalities. 

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Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorneys in Oregon

Common Causes of Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Oregon

Multi-vehicle accidents can be caused by various factors, including:

In 2023, passenger cars were the most common vehicle type involved in accidents, accounting for 51% of all motor vehicle fatalities in Oregon. [1]

  • Distracted Driving: Texting, talking on the phone, eating, or other distractions can cause drivers to miss sudden changes in traffic, leading to accidents.
  • Driver Fatigue: Drowsy drivers have slower reaction times and reduced awareness, making them more prone to potential collisions.
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Signals: Ignoring stop signs, traffic lights, or other traffic signals can lead to intersection collisions, which may trigger accidents with more than one vehicle involved.
  • Impaired Driving: Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications impairs judgment, coordination, and reaction time, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Poor Weather Conditions: Reduced visibility, slippery roads, and adverse weather can lead to chain-reaction collisions.
  • Speeding: Driving above the speed limit reduces the time available to react to changes in traffic flow, increasing the likelihood of accidents.
  • Tailgating: Following other vehicles too closely reduces reaction time, increasing the risk of rear-end collisions that can trigger multi-vehicle accidents.

Types of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Multi-vehicle accidents can take various forms, including:

Multnomah County (including Portland) had the highest number of car accident fatalities (149)  in 2023, followed by Lane County (69 fatalities), and Jackson County (48 fatalities). [1]

  • Chain-Reaction Collisions: These occur when one vehicle collides with another, setting off a series of subsequent collisions involving multiple vehicles.
  • Highway Merging Crashes: Accidents can occur when vehicles merge onto highways or change lanes improperly, leading to chain-reaction collisions involving more than one vehicle
  • Intersection Collisions: Intersection collisions happen when vehicles fail to yield the right of way, run red lights, or make improper turns, leading to collisions involving multiple vehicles.
  • Multi-Vehicle Rollovers: When more than one vehicle rolls over due to collisions or attempts to avoid collisions, it often resulting in extensive damage and injuries.
  • Pile-Ups: Pile-ups involve numerous vehicles, typically occur on highways or freeways and can result from poor weather conditions, reduced visibility, or driver negligence.
  • Rear-End Chain-Reaction Crashes: A common multi-vehicle accident scenario involves one vehicle rear-ending another, causing a chain reaction as subsequent vehicles are unable to stop in time.
Types of Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Injuries Associated with Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Oregon

Multi-vehicle accidents can result in a variety of common injuries, some of which can be severe and life-altering.

Because multi-vehicle accidents are intricate, they often result in severe injuries. Seek prompt medical care, even for seemingly minor injuries, to ensure accurate diagnosis, treatment, and documentation for potential personal injury claims.

Our lawyers can assist you in understanding the legal implications of such accidents and in seeking compensation for damages.

Responsible Parties in Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Oregon

In a multi-vehicle accident in the Beaver State, determining liability can be complex, as multiple parties may share responsibility for the collision.

The responsible parties in a multi-vehicle accident can include:

  • Negligent Drivers: Drivers who acted negligently or recklessly and directly contributed to the accident may be held liable. This includes drivers who were speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, following too closely (tailgating), making unsafe lane changes, running red lights or stop signs, or engaging in other dangerous behaviors.
  • Vehicle Owners: If the at-fault driver was operating a vehicle owned by someone else, the owner of the vehicle may also be held liable for the accident under the legal principle of vicarious liability.
  • Government Entities: If the accident was caused by a hazardous road condition or inadequate road maintenance, the government agency responsible for maintaining the roadway may be held liable for the accident. This could include cases involving poor road design, insufficient signage or traffic signals, or failure to address known hazards.
  • Manufacturers: If a defective vehicle component or safety system contributed to the accident (e.g., faulty brakes, defective tires, or a malfunctioning airbag), the manufacturer of the defective product may be held liable for any resulting injuries or damages under product liability laws.

Determining liability in a multi-vehicle accident often requires a thorough investigation by insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, and possibly accident reconstruction experts.

Consult with our experienced personal injury attorneys in Oregon who can assess the facts of the case, identify all potentially responsible parties, and pursue maximum compensation for their injuries and damages.

Responsible Parties in Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Oregon

Is there a Deadline to File a Lawsuit in Oregon?

In Oregon, the Statute of Limitations for personal injury claims arising from multi-vehicle accidents typically spans two years from the accident date. [2] This legal timeframe delineates the window within which an injured party must initiate legal proceedings. However, exceptions may apply based on specific circumstances, necessitating consultation with our car accident lawyers in Oregon. 

Missing these deadlines could impede your ability to seek compensation for injuries and damages resulting from your accident. 

What To Do After a Multi-Vehicle Accident in Oregon?

If you’re involved in a multi-vehicle accident in the Beaver State, take the following steps to ensure your safety, protect your rights, and gather necessary information:

Check for Injuries: First and foremost, check yourself and others involved in the accident for injuries. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately to request medical assistance.

Move to a Safe Location: If it’s safe to do so and your vehicle is operable, move it to the side of the road to avoid blocking traffic and reduce the risk of further accidents.

Call the Police: In Oregon, you are required to report an accident to law enforcement if it involves injury, death, or property damage exceeding $2,500. Call 911 to report the accident and wait for the police to arrive at the scene. [3]

Exchange Information: Exchange information with the other parties involved in the accident, including:

  • Names and contact information
  • Insurance policy details (insurance company name and policy number)
  • Vehicle information (make, model, year, and license plate number)
  • Driver’s license number and vehicle registration information

Document the Scene: Take photos or videos of the accident scene, including:

  • Vehicle damage
  • Skid marks or debris on the road
  • Traffic signs or signals
  • Weather and road conditions
  • Any visible injuries

Collect Witness Information: If there are witnesses to the accident, obtain their names and contact information. Witness statements may be valuable for insurance claims or legal proceedings.

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company: Notify your insurance company of the accident as soon as possible. Provide them with accurate details about the accident and the other parties involved.

Seek Medical Attention: Even if you don’t feel injured immediately after the accident, it’s important to seek medical attention promptly. Some injuries, such as whiplash or concussions, may not manifest symptoms until hours or days later.

Follow Up on Medical Treatment: Attend all medical appointments and follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation. Keep thorough records of your medical expenses and treatments related to the accident.

Consult with Our Attorney: If you sustained injuries or significant property damage in the accident, consider consulting with our personal injury attorney who specializes in multi-vehicle accidents and has helped victims for over 30 years. We can help protect your rights, negotiate with insurance companies, and advocate on your behalf to seek maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

What To Do After a Multi-Vehicle Accident in Oregon?

Can I Still File a Claim if I'm Partly at Fault in Oregon?

Yes, you can still file a claim for compensation in Oregon even if you are partly at fault for the accident. Oregon follows a modified comparative fault system, specifically the “51% Bar Rule,” which governs how compensation is awarded in cases where both parties share fault for an accident. [4]

Under the 51% Bar Rule:

  • You can still recover damages if you were less than 51% at fault:
    If you were less than 51% responsible for the accident, you can still pursue compensation for your injuries and damages. Your compensation will be reduced in proportion to your percentage of fault. For example, if you were found to be 30% at fault and your total damages were $10,000, your compensation would be reduced by 30% ($3,000), and you would receive $7,000 in compensation.
  • You cannot recover damages if you were 51% or more at fault:
    If you are found to be 51% or more responsible for the accident, you cannot recover any damages from the other party/parties involved in the accident. However, if the other party is found to be 51% or more at fault, you can still pursue compensation.

Consult with our qualified Oregon personal injury attorney who can evaluate the specifics of your case, determine your level of fault, and advise you on your options for pursuing compensation.

Goldberg & Loren can help protect your rights, negotiate with insurance companies, and advocate on your behalf to seek maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

Compensation Available After Accidents in Oregon

In Oregon, damages available for multi-vehicle accident claims encompass various aspects aimed at compensating injured parties for their losses and suffering. 

  • Loss of Consortium provides compensation to the spouse for the loss of companionship and support resulting from the injured party’s injuries.
  • Lost Wages compensate for income lost due to the inability to work during recovery from injuries sustained in the accident.
  • Medical Expenses cover costs incurred for hospitalization, surgeries, medications, rehabilitation, and other medical treatments related to injuries sustained in the accident.
  • Pain and Suffering address the physical pain and emotional distress experienced as a result of the accident and subsequent injuries.
  • Property Damage covers repair or replacement costs for vehicles and other property damaged in the accident.
  • Punitive Damages are given in rare cases involving egregious misconduct or negligence. These damages may be awarded to punish the at-fault party and deter similar behavior in the future.

Maneuvering through the process of  seeking damages for a multi-vehicle accident claim can be challenging. Consulting our experienced attorneys at Goldberg & Loren can help you understand your rights and pursue fair compensation for your losses.

Compensation Available After Accidents in Oregon

Why Hire Goldberg & Loren for an Oregon Multi-Vehicle Accident Claim?

When you are feeling overwhelmed from appointments for your injuries and calls from the insurance companies, there is an answer. At Goldberg & Loren, we understand the challenges you face. Our team is dedicated to providing expert legal assistance to victims of multi-vehicle accidents in Oregon.

We offer the following:

  • Specialized Expertise: Our attorneys specialize in handling multi-vehicle accident cases, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to every case we handle.
  • Proven Track Record: With years of successful case outcomes, we have established a reputation for achieving favorable results for our clients.
  • Thorough Investigation: We conduct thorough investigations into multi-vehicle accidents, gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and analyzing police reports to build a strong case on your behalf.
  • Effective Communication: Our team maintains open and transparent communication with our clients, keeping you informed during every step of the legal process.
  • Personalized Representation: We understand that every case is unique. That’s why we provide personalized legal representation tailored to your specific needs and circumstances including handling all communications with insurance companies.

If you’ve been involved in a multi-vehicle accident in Oregon, don’t navigate the legal process alone. Trust the experienced team at Goldberg & Loren to fight for your rights and pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

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Why Hire Goldberg & Loren for an Oregon Multi-Vehicle Accident Claim?


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