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Ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash are becoming increasingly popular in major cities across the country. While these services provide a convenient way to get around town, they can also be dangerous, as rideshare accidents can cause serious injuries to both drivers and passengers.

If you’ve been injured in a Fresno rideshare accident, it’s important that you understand your rights and know what steps to take next.

In this article, we’ll discuss the legal process of filing an injury claim after a rideshare accident and provide tips on how to obtain fair compensation from the responsible party.

We will also explain the role of an experienced Fresno Rideshare Accident Lawyer who can help protect your rights and ensure that you receive the maximum amount of financial compensation for your losses.

What is a Rideshare Accident?

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A rideshare accident is an accident involving a vehicle being operated by a driver working for a rideshare company, such as Uber or Lyft. These accidents can involve other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, or even property damage.

If the accident results in injury or death to any of the parties involved, it is considered a personal injury case and requires legal representation. Injuries can range from minor scrapes and bruises to broken bones, head trauma, and more serious conditions.

Medical expenses incurred as a result of these accidents can be quite high. Victims may also suffer from emotional distress due to the experience of the accident.

An experienced Fresno Rideshare Accident Lawyer can provide legal representation to ensure that victims receive fair compensation for their losses.

Rideshare accidents can be extremely traumatic events, and victims deserve to receive the compensation they are entitled to.

How Do Rideshare Accidents Occur?

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drowsy driving resulted in 697 crashes in 2019. Uber and Lyft drivers oftentimes utilize ridesharing as a side gig, in addition to their primary job, which can lead to working extensive hours.

Ridesharing is typically available at all hours of the day but is most popular early in the morning or in the evening. As a result, Lyft and Uber drivers are at a high risk of experiencing driver fatigue, which can put them and their passengers at a greater risk of a severe crash.

Obtaining a Police Report & Other Necessary Documents Gathering Evidence to Strengthen Your Case

When filing a claim for a rideshare accident, it is important to obtain a police report and other necessary documents.

A police report can be invaluable in determining who was at fault for an accident and can provide evidence of any negligence.

Any photographs taken of the scene, witness statements, medical records, and repair estimates should also be collected as they will help prove the extent of damage and injuries suffered during the accident.

Insurance Coverage for Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft offer insurance policies that can provide financial protection in the event of a ridesharing accident.

These policies can be quite complex and confusing, making it difficult to determine who is responsible for covering medical costs, repair bills, and other expenses.

Due to the nature of rideshare services (i.e., independent contractors), insurance companies may also dispute who is actually the at fault party.

Independent Contractors vs. Employees in the Eyes of Insurance Companies

The distinction between independent contractors and employees is an important one in the eyes of insurance companies. Employees are typically covered by their employer’s insurance policies, while independent contractors must purchase their own coverage.

This can be especially problematic if a rideshare accident occurs and the driver is not adequately insured. 

When examining whether the driver was an employee or a contractor, it is also important to consider any additional coverage that may have been purchased by either party.

Uber drivers must carry commercial insurance for their Uber vehicles in order to provide rideshare services, and this should be taken into account when filing a claim against them or their insurer.

By working with an experienced attorney, victims can make sure that all applicable insurance policies are being considered when seeking a fair settlement for medical expenses, property damage, and other costs related to the accident.

Who Pays for Property Damage and Bodily Injury?

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In the event of an accident involving a rideshare vehicle, it is important to understand who is responsible for covering the costs of property damage and bodily injury. The driver’s personal auto insurance policy will cover any property damage that occurs during a rideshare ride, as well as any bodily injuries sustained by a passenger or third party.

Uber’s liability coverage may also be accessed in certain cases. If the driver is found to be at fault for the accident, they may be held financially liable for any medical expenses and other damages resulting from their negligence.

Medical Expenses Covered by Insurance Companies After an Accident

Medical expenses incurred after an accident involving a rideshare vehicle can be high. In most cases, those costs will be covered by either the driver’s personal auto insurance policy or Uber’s liability coverage.

The insurance company should be able to provide information regarding whether they will cover the medical costs and what percentage of the total cost they will pay. 

Common accident injuries include:

Depending on the severity of the accident and extent of injury sustained, medical costs can add up quickly.

Victims should never hesitate to seek emergency medical attention following a crash and should always keep records of any medical bills they incur as a result of their injury.

 A Fresno Rideshare Accident Lawyer can also help victims understand their rights and ensure they receive fair compensation for their losses. In some cases, victims may even be able to obtain additional financial assistance through a personal injury lawsuit if the driver is found to have been negligent in causing the accident.

Seeking Fair Compensation from the Responsible Party

In the wake of an accident involving a rideshare vehicle, it is important to seek fair compensation from the responsible party. This can be accomplished through filing a claim with the insurance company or by taking legal action against the driver.

When seeking compensation, victims should consider factors such as:

An experienced Fresno Rideshare Accident Lawyer can provide valuable assistance in determining what type and amount of damages are reasonable to pursue.

In addition to their expertise in personal injury law, they will also be able to help victims navigate complex insurance policies and ensure that all applicable claims are filed in a timely manner.

Fair Settlement Awards & How They Are Calculated

Fair settlement awards are determined by taking into account the extent of a victim’s damages and losses, including:

No two cases are alike when it comes to determining fair settlements after an Uber/Rideshare accident. That is why it is important that victims contact an experienced Fresno Rideshare Accident Lawyer who can review the details of their case and ensure they receive justice for all losses suffered as a result of another party’s negligence or recklessness.

The Benefits of Retaining Legal Representation After a Rideshare Accident

Retaining legal representation after a rideshare accident is invaluable. An experienced Fresno Rideshare Accident Lawyer can help navigate the complex insurance policies and procedures associated with these types of accidents, ensuring victims receive the maximum amount of financial compensation for their injuries and losses.

They will work to ensure that victims are not taken advantage of by an insurance company or rideshare driver. A lawyer can also help protect a victim’s rights by making sure all paperwork is properly filled out and deadlines are met.

A qualified attorney will also have experience dealing with personal injury law firms and insurance companies, allowing them to advocate on behalf of their clients to get fair and equitable compensation in a timely manner.

With their assistance, victims can focus on recovering from their injuries while knowing that they have someone fighting for them who understands the legal process and will fight to get them the best possible outcome in court.

By hiring a knowledgeable and experienced Fresno Rideshare Accident Lawyer, victims of an Uber or Lyft accident can rest assured that their rights are being looked after and their best interests protected.

If you have been involved in a rideshare accident, make sure to look for an attorney who understands this complex area of law so that you can get the justice you deserve. 

At Goldberg & Loren, our experienced attorneys are committed to helping clients receive the financial compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses. Contact us today at (559) 264-4878 to schedule a free consultation.

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