Top 10 Most Dangerous Vehicles in Car Accidents

Top 10 Most Dangerous Vehicles in Car Accidents Infographic

Every day, millions of Americans drive their cars without incident. However, deadly accidents do occur regularly, and certain cars are more prone to these accidents than others.

Car accidents can be devastating, and the type of vehicle involved can play a significant role in the outcome. While modern vehicles are designed with safety features, some models still pose a higher risk than others.

In 2021, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated that there were 42,915 traffic fatalities, which was a 10.5% increase from 2020. [1]

During the first quarter of 2023, approximately 286 million vehicles were in operation on roads across the United States. Between the first quarter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023, there were approximately 38.4 million used vehicle transfers in the U.S., while new vehicle registrations reached around 13.9 million units during that time. [2]

The IIHS list of driver death rates over the past three years provides evidence supporting safety concerns about both very small vehicles and muscle cars. This dataset provides information on the ten vehicles with the highest fatality rates. [3]

Dangerous Car Accidents

Here is the List of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Vehicles in Car Accidents


Mitsubishi Mirage

204 Deaths Per Million Registered Vehicles During 2018-2021

The Mitsubishi Mirage often ranks poorly in crash tests and has limited safety features, making it more vulnerable in accidents.

In addition to other complaints, such as its sloppy handling, and bargain basement interior, there is now a troubling fatality rate. The sedan has a high number of deaths per million registered vehicles, but the hatchback also surpasses the Challenger by a significant margin of 183 deaths. [3]


Dodge Challenger

154 Deaths Per Million Registered Vehicles During 2018-2021

The Dodge Challenger, with its powerful engine and high-speed capabilities, can tempt drivers to take risks, increasing the chances of accidents.

The Dodge Challenger offers a comparable level of horsepower to the Camaro, while also providing a comfortable and spacious driving experience, unlike the smaller and lighter muscle cars.

The AWD Challenger variants do not occupy the same position as the rear-wheel-drive variant, and they are not among the top ten. It is hoped that the replacement for the Challenger (and Charger) will lead to different results. [3]

Dodge Challenger

Hyundai Accent

152 Deaths Per Million Registered Vehicles During 2018-2021

The current generation of the Accent, introduced in 2018, is unsatisfactory. Although it has an attractive appearance, it is sluggish even for its category and lacks an inviting atmosphere.

Before the release of this data, the driver death rate was nearly identical to that of the rear-wheel-drive Challenger models.


Chevrolet Spark

151 Deaths Per Million Registered Vehicles During 2018-2021

The Chevrolet Spark’s small size and limited safety features contribute to its higher risk of accidents and increased vulnerability for occupants.

The Chevy Spark had limited active safety features and was discontinued after the 2022 model year. In general, active safety technology is available as an option, which may not significantly impact the safety performance of a model already in a segment with a high death rate. 

Chevrolet Spark

Kia Rio (Sedan)

122 Deaths Per Million Registered Vehicles During 2018-2021

There are only two vehicles that rank in the top six for both the death rate of their own driver and of other drivers. One car is the Charger, while the other is the sedan version of the Kia Rio.

The Rio is considered a popular sub-compact car. The hatchback variant has been considered the benchmark for the segment due to its combination of affordable price and good quality. The sedan version ranks higher on both fatalities lists, while the hatchback variant ranks lower on both. [3]


Dodge Charger HEMI 2WD

118 Deaths Per Million Registered Vehicles During 2018-2021

The Dodge Charger HEMI 2WD, a powerful sedan, can be more challenging to handle, especially in adverse conditions, leading to a higher risk of accidents.

The Dodge Charger is considered to be one of the more dangerous vehicles on the road. This applies specifically to the V-8 rear-wheel-drive versions, which are affordable, easily accessible, and powerful.

The Hemi Chargers stand out from the other vehicles on this list due to their potential danger to both their drivers and other individuals. They have a high ranking in “other-driver” death rates, with 164 deaths per million registered vehicles, second only to the Ram 3500, which has 189 deaths per million on others. [3]


Nissan Altima

113 Deaths Per Million Registered Vehicles During 2018-2021

The Nissan Altima, manufactured in 2019, stands out on this list due to its simple and conventional design. The Altima is known for its inoffensive nature, with available optional all-wheel drive and a unique top engine choice, the variable-compression VC-Turbo engine, which may sound interesting but can be a bit unconventional in practice. [3]


Kia Forte

111 Deaths Per Million Registered Vehicles During 2018-2021

The Kia Forte, like other compact cars, may not provide optimal protection in accidents due to its smaller size and fewer advanced safety features.

Two vehicles in the top ten are not sub-compacts or muscle cars, with one of them being the compact Kia Forte. The Forte offers a manual transmission, an affordable price, and an attractive appearance. However, it is not our top choice for a compact car. The safety ratings for the Forte are average, with the 2023 model achieving a “Good” score in all IIHS crashworthiness tests except for side-impact, where it received a “Poor” rating. [3]


Chevrolet Camaro Coupe

110 Deaths Per Million Registered Vehicles During 2018-2021

The Chevrolet Camaro Coupe’s sporty design and high-performance capabilities increase the likelihood of accidents, especially in the hands of inexperienced drivers.

Although it may be tempting to attribute the danger associated with sub-compacts to the physics involved in their collisions with larger vehicles, relatively large muscle cars like the Chevy Camaro do not have a similar justification.

The death rate for the coupe version of the Camaro is more than double the average, while the convertible version is slightly higher at 113. The grip and agility of a modern Camaro can be advantageous when driving defensively, but these relatively affordable muscle cars also encourage thrill-seeking and risky behavior, which may not contribute positively to the statistics. [3]

Chevrolet Camaro Coupe

Chevrolet Sonic

107 Deaths Per Million Registered Vehicles During 2018-2021

The Sonic, along with other vehicles in its size category, has a fatality rate per million registered vehicles that is more than twice the average. While the Sonic has some positive qualities as an affordable and enjoyable car, smaller and cheaper vehicles statistically have a higher risk of accidents. [3]

These vehicles may have higher risks of accidents. Driver behavior and external factors also play significant roles. 

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[2] U.S.: vehicles in operation 2023 | Statista. (2023, June 8). Statista.

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