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What is an Airbag Accident?

An airbag accident refers to a scenario where an individual sustains injuries due to the malfunction or deployment of an airbag during a car crash. Airbags are designed to provide an additional layer of protection to drivers and passengers in the event of an accident. In some cases, airbags may fail to function correctly, leading to severe injuries or even death.

Frontal airbags have saved more than 50,000 lives over a 30-year period. [1]

What is an Airbag Accident?

Common Causes of an Airbag Injury

Defective Airbag Systems:

One of the primary causes of airbag injuries is a defective airbag system. Some airbags are manufactured with defects or design flaws that can hinder their ability to deploy properly. In such cases, the airbag may not inflate upon impact or may deploy with excessive force, causing severe injuries to the occupants.

Takata faced a widespread recall in 2013 after it was discovered that their airbags were prone to fatal defects. The defect involved the inflator, which could rupture upon deployment, sending shrapnel flying into the vehicle’s occupants. The defect has been linked to numerous injuries and deaths worldwide, leading to one of the largest automotive recalls in history.

Improper Installation or Maintenance:

Another common cause of airbag injuries is improper installation or maintenance. If the airbag is not fitted correctly or if there are issues with the sensors or wiring, it can lead to a failure in deployment when needed. 

Improper Installation or Maintenance

Faulty Sensors or Deployment Systems:

Airbags rely on sensors to detect the severity of an impact and deploy accordingly. However, if the sensors are faulty or the deployment system is not calibrated correctly, it can lead to premature or delayed deployment, causing injuries to the occupants. Airbags that deploy unnecessarily in minor accidents can also result in injuries.

Seat Position:

The position of the occupant in relation to the airbag can also play a role in causing injuries.

Shorter individuals or those who are not properly seated and positioned within the vehicle may be at a higher risk of sustaining airbag-related injuries, particularly to the face, neck, or chest.

Because airbags deploy with such force, there is a safe distance between an individual and the steering wheel of 10 inches. The first 2-3 inches next to the steering wheel are the most dangerous. [2]

Excessive Speed or Force:

Airbags are designed to provide protection during moderate to severe collisions. In accidents involving excessive speed or force, the deployment of the airbag may cause injuries. The impact of inflation can be quite powerful, leading to bruises, fractures, or even internal injuries.

Excessive Speed or Force:​

Common Injuries from an Airbag Accident

Airbags usually deploy within 300 to 400 milliseconds during a crash. [2]

Common Injuries from an Airbag Accident​

Compensation From an Airbag Accident

Compensation From an Airbag Accident

Defective Airbags and Property Damage Claims in Fort Lauderdale

What is the Statute of Limitations for Airbag Injury Claims in Fort Lauderdale?

Generally, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims, including those related to airbag injuries, is two years from the date of the accident or injury. [3]

If you miss the deadline, you may be barred from pursuing legal action and seeking compensation for your injuries. It is important to act promptly and consult with a knowledgeable attorney who can guide you through the legal process.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Airbag Injury Claims in Fort Lauderdale?

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