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Goldberg & Loren specialize in defending individuals like you who have been accused of workers’ comp fraud. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the California legal system, our team is dedicated to protecting your rights and ensuring you receive a fair defense.

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What is Workers' Compensation Fraud?

Workers’ compensation fraud refers to the deceptive actions taken by individuals or businesses to obtain undeserved benefits from the workers’ compensation system. This type of fraud can occur in various forms and involves different parties, including injured workers, employers, medical providers, insurance companies, and even organized fraud rings.

The fraudulent activities associated with workers’ compensation fraud can range from making false statements about a job-related injury to billing for services never received or exaggerating the severity of the injury.

The objective behind these fraudulent actions is often to secure compensation benefits, such as medical treatment, disability payments, or insurance coverage, to which the individual or entity is not legally entitled.

Workers’ compensation fraud not only impacts the injured worker who may be participating in the fraudulent behavior but also has financial repercussions on insurance companies and employers.

Insurance companies face increased costs due to fraudulent claims, and these costs are eventually transferred to the businesses through higher insurance premiums. 

What is Workers' Compensation Fraud? California

Being Accused of Workers Comp Fraud?

When accused of workers’ comp fraud, the first step is to secure legal representation from our experienced attorneys specializing in workers’ compensation defense. We will guide you throughout the process and protect your rights, ensuring you receive a fair and just outcome.

Take the accusations seriously and cooperate fully with any investigation. This means providing accurate and detailed information, as well as any relevant documents that can support your case. Building a strong defense strategy will require gathering evidence, identifying witnesses, and preparing to challenge any claims made against you.

Being accused of workers’ comp fraud does not automatically make you guilty. The burden of proof lies with the accuser, and they must present compelling evidence that supports their allegations. Our attorneys will work vigorously to challenge their claims, scrutinize their evidence, and uncover any inconsistencies or wrongful accusations that may arise.

Workers’ compensation premium fraud costs the U.S. $25 billion a year, reveals a new report by Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. [1]

Types of Workers Comp Fraud

Employee Fraud:

Types of Workers Comp Fraud California

Employer Fraud:


Workers' Compensation Lawyers at Goldberg & Loren

If you have been involved in a workers’ compensation fraud case, seek legal assistance from our experienced professionals, who will guide you through the legal process. Goldberg & Loren is a trusted law firm specializing in workers’ compensation cases in California.

Goldberg & Loren has a team of dedicated attorneys who are well-versed in California’s workers’ compensation laws and have a proven track record of successful outcomes.

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Have you been accused of workers' compensation fraud in California?

If you’re facing workers’ compensation fraud charges, you need a skilled and dedicated legal team on your side. Goldberg & Loren have a proven track record of successfully defending clients in similar cases and will work tirelessly to protect your reputation and future.

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[1] Smith, K. (2023, March 28). JIFA: The Costly Crime and Impact of Workers’ Comp Premium Fraud – InsuranceFraud.org. InsuranceFraud.org. https://insurancefraud.org/publications/jifa-the-costly-crime-and-impact-of-workers-comp-premium-fraud/

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