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Are you in need of expert legal guidance for employment law issues in California? ​

California Employment Laws

California employment law refers to the set of rules and regulations that govern the employer-employee relationship within the state. These laws aim to protect the rights of employees, ensure fair treatment in the workplace, and promote equality and safety.

The California Labor Code and various state and federal statutes outline the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees in matters such as minimum wage, unpaid wages, sexual harassment, leaves of absence, employee compensation, and more. [1]

Understanding the complexities of these laws is essential to avoiding legal disputes and ensuring that the rights and well-being of all parties involved are upheld.

Employment Laws in California

Our team of experienced employment attorneys is committed to advocating for the rights of employees in California.

With our extensive knowledge of state and federal employment laws, we specialize in handling a wide range of employment law cases.

Whether you have experienced discrimination or any other employment-related issue, our dedicated team will provide you with the legal representation and guidance you need to protect your rights.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination can occur in various forms in California, and employees need to understand their legal rights and protections. In California, wrongful termination cases encompass violations of public policy such as discrimination based on:

Wrongful Termination

Failing to comply with these obligations can result in wrongful termination claims. Furthermore, violations of the California Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, which requires employers to give advance notice of impending layoffs, can also constitute wrongful termination.

Wrongful Termination Remedies

Employees who experience wrongful termination can seek various remedies, depending on the circumstances of their case. These may include:

Seek legal representation from our experienced employment attorneys when facing wrongful termination to ensure the protection of your rights and to pursue appropriate legal remedies.

Unpaid Wages and Minimum Wage Violations

Unpaid wages and minimum wage violations can have a significant impact on employees’ financial well-being.

These violations can occur in various employment situations, including failure to pay the minimum wage or overtime, improper deductions from paychecks, and failure to reimburse employees for expenses or vacation time.

Under federal and California wage and hour laws, employers are required to adhere to certain standards regarding wages and hours worked.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal law that sets the minimum wage and overtime pay standards.

In California, the minimum wage is higher than the federal minimum and is set to increase in the coming years. The California Equal Pay Act further protects employees from discrimination in wages based on gender.

Improper deductions from paychecks, such as deductions for equipment or uniforms that reduce an employee’s pay below the minimum wage, are also illegal. 

Employers are typically required to reimburse employees for necessary job-related expenses, such as travel or tools.

Employees who experience unpaid wages or minimum wage violations have legal rights and may be entitled to compensation.

They can file a complaint with the California Labor Commissioner’s Office or pursue a lawsuit to recover their unpaid wages, obtain back pay, and potentially receive other damages or penalties.

If you believe your employer has violated wage and hour laws or you have experienced unpaid wages or minimum wage violations, consult our experienced employment attorneys at Goldberg & Loren who can guide you through the legal process and help protect your rights.

Unpaid Wages and Minimum Wage Violations

Meal Breaks and Rest Periods Violations

California employment law mandates that non-exempt employees are entitled to meal breaks and rest periods during their work shifts. Failure to provide these breaks can result in significant consequences for employers.

Non-exempt employees must be provided with an unpaid meal break of at least 30 minutes when their work period exceeds five hours.

For shifts exceeding ten hours, employees are entitled to a second meal break. Under certain circumstances, such as mutual agreement between the employer and employee, the first meal break can be waived.

Rest periods, which are paid breaks, must also be provided to non-exempt employees. These breaks allow employees to rest, use the restroom, and tend to personal needs.

For shifts of at least three and a half hours, employees are entitled to a ten-minute rest period. Additional rest periods must be provided depending on the length of the work shift.

Employers who fail to provide these required meal breaks and rest periods may face legal consequences. They may be required to pay additional wages, penalties, and compensatory damages to the affected employees.

Meal Breaks and Rest Periods Violations

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[1] Codes: Codes Tree – * California Constitution – CONS. (n.d.). https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codesTOCSelected.xhtml

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