10 Odd New Mexico Laws

10 Odd New Mexico Laws

1. In Carrizozo, women are banned from being unshaven in public.

2. State officials mandated that 400 sexually explicit words be removed from “Romeo and Juliet.”

3. The law states that it’s illegal for women to pump their own gas or change a flat tire.

4. It’s a misdemeanor to trip a horse. It becomes a 4th-degree felony if that horse is hurt.

5. Hunting is prohibited in Mountain View Cemetery in the city of Deming.

6. In Deming, you can be arrested for public spitting.

7. It’s illegal to “improperly use” the New Mexico State or National anthem, it’s considered a petty misdemeanor.

8. In Las Cruces, New Mexico, it’s illegal to carry a lunchbox down the main street.

9. It’s against the law to dance while wearing a sombrero.

10. The weirdest of all the New Mexican laws is that “idiots” are not allowed to vote.

10 Odd New Mexico Laws

Better Make Sure You Ladies Are Shaven!

No fuzzy wuzzies allowed! The town’s unofficial motto is “When in Carrizozo, bring your razor and leave your fuzz at home.” It seems the only thing wild allowed in this town is the untamed beauty of the landscape! If you find yourself in Carrizozo, best pack your best grooming kit – it’s a hairy situation over there! [1]


Romeo and Juliet is Too Sexually Explicit

In a bizarre turn of events, the state officials in New Mexico threw down the gauntlet, declaring that “Romeo and Juliet” must undergo some major editing. Their mission: to remove a whopping 400 scandalous words from the classic play, deeming them too saucy for public consumption. The citizens were left scratching their heads, wondering if poor old Romeo would be reduced to merely throwing pebbles at Juliet’s window and yelling ‘Hey, fair maiden, want to go get a milkshake?’ [2]


Don’t You Dare Pump Your Own Gas or Change Your Tire if You Are a Woman in New Mexico!

In the land of quirky regulations, there’s a law that sends women into a twist! Apparently, it’s a big no-no for the ladies to take charge of the gas pump or even attempt a heroic feat and change a flat tire on their own! Ladies, better pack your tiaras and wait patiently for a gentleman to roll out the red carpet for your royal car treatment! [3]

Don’t You Dare Pump Your Own Gas or Change Your Tire if You Are a Woman in New Mexico!

No Tripping the Horses!

Beware, for it is a misdemeanor to purposefully trip a horse! Yes, you heard it right – no shenanigans near those hooves! But hold your neighs, because it gets even more peculiar. If by some unfortunate accident, the horse gets hurt during your ill-conceived trip, buckle up for the ride of your life, because that crime magically transforms into a fourth-degree felony! So, remember to keep your feet on solid ground and let those equine friends trot in peace, or you might find yourself caught in a horse of a different color. Giddy up, but only with caution! [4]


Don’t Think About Hunting in Mountain View Cemetery in the City of Deming

In the city of Deming, there’s a rule that says, “No hunting in Mountain View Cemetery.” Like, seriously, who thought that the peaceful resting place of our dearly departed would make for a great hunting ground? If you’re planning to don your camo and go all Elmer Fudd in the cemetery, think again! The only thing you’ll be hunting there is some serious side-eye from the people peacefully visiting their loved ones. So, leave your hunting gear at home and join the rest of us in respecting the dearly departed in peace! [5]

Don’t Think About Hunting in Mountain View Cemetery in the City of Deming

Need to Spit? Don’t Do It in Public in Deming, or You Will Be Arrested!

In Deming, a town where even llamas have better manners than humans, there’s a peculiar law: if you’ve got the urge to spit in public, you better swallow that saliva and suppress that urge until you find a proper place. Forget about the Wild West vibe; it’s more like a “Spitless Stepford” here. So, if you find yourself in Deming, keep a lid on those loogies or prepare for a showdown with the spit police! [4]


Be Careful When Singing the New Mexico State Anthem, Singing Improperly is Against the Law!

In New Mexico, if you attempt to perform the state or national anthem using maracas as a percussion instrument or replace the lyrics with a recipe for green chile stew, be prepared to face the consequences! Improperly using these anthems is a petty misdemeanor. So, keep those maracas silent and leave the green chile out of the anthem – unless, of course, you want to face the music from the law! [4]


In Las Cruces, New Mexico, It’s Downright Unlawful to Strut Down Main Street With a Lunchbox in Hand

Fear not, for you never know when a spontaneous picnic might break out! It seems the lunchbox bandits have struck again, causing chaos with their sandwich-filled contraband. Watch out, citizens – the lunchbox police are on patrol! [6]

In Las Cruces, New Mexico, It’s Downright Unlawful to Strut Down Main Street With a Lunchbox in Hand

Do Not Dance While Wearing a Sombrero! 

In a world where sombreros and dance moves collide, there exists an obscure law that throws serious shade at the hat-dancing aficionados. Yes, you read it right – in New Mexico, oops, I mean “New Mexico,” strutting your stuff with a sombrero on your head is a capable offense! Looks like the law is just a little too serious about keeping those festive hats stationary. So, if you decide to bust a move, be sure to leave the sombrero hanging on the coat rack – it’s the difference between moving your feet and facing the music from the law! [7]


If You Are an "Idiot" in New Mexico, Don't Bother Voting!

In New Mexico, there’s a law stating that “idiots” can’t cast their ballot. So, if you’re an overzealous donkey or a particularly unintelligent extraterrestrial, you might have to sit out the next election! The state’s casting call for voters excludes those with these jesterly qualifications, insisting that only those with a full deck of intelligence cards get to play the political poker game. Looks like the state is serious about putting the “smart” in smart politics, making sure their electoral decisions aren’t a circus act! [8]

If You Are an "Idiot" in New Mexico, Don't Bother Voting!

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