10 Odd Oregon Laws

Did You Recently Receive a Ticket for Something That Seems Like an Odd Law in Oregon?

You’re not alone! Don’t let an odd law ruin your day. Instead, educate yourself on these laws so you can avoid getting a ticket in the future. Plus, you’ll have some fun facts to share with your friends!

1. It’s illegal to go hunting in a cemetery.

2. Lifting weights while driving on city streets is strictly prohibited by law in Oregon.

3. In Myrtle Creek, Oregon, it is illegal to box with a kangaroo.

4. Whispering explicit language during sexual activity is considered illegal.

5. Ministers in Marion County are not allowed, by law, to eat onions or garlic before giving sermons on Sundays.

6. You may not get married in an ice-skating rink.

7. In Marion County, it is illegal to teach someone what polygamy means.

8. You cannot show movies in a tavern or sell liquor in a theater unless the theater is over 300 seats.

9. In Marion, Oregon, you cannot eat a doughnut while walking backward.

10. It’s against the law in Oregon to pump your own gas at a gas station unless you’re at a self-serve station in a rural area.

10 Odd Oregon Laws

No Hunting in Cemeteries!

Well, well, well, don’t you dare try to hunt in a cemetery in Oregon! The law is as clear as day – it’s illegal! So, if you thought you could sneak in and track some game among the ghosts and the gravestones, think again!

You may be a big shot hunter, but the dead have already found their eternal resting place, and they don’t want to be disturbed by your shenanigans. So, unless you want to have an unwanted run-in with the long arm of the law, it’s best to stick to hunting outside of cemeteries. Happy hunting!

You might even get slapped with a $5,000 fine. [1] That’s enough to make you turn pale as a ghost! And let’s not forget about the misdemeanor on your record – no need to dig your own grave with that one! So, it’s best to stick to more conventional hunting grounds, unless you want to risk a spooky encounter with the law! Happy hunting!

No Hunting in Cemeteries!

Don't Pump Iron While You Pump Your Brakes!

Hey there, pal! You might be a muscle-bound hunk, but don’t even think about lifting weights while driving in Oregon! I mean, come on, is flexing your biceps more important than keeping your eyes on the road?

Oregon lawmakers don’t think so, and neither should you! I know, I know, it’s hard to resist the temptation of pumping iron on the go, but trust me, it’s not worth the risk of crashing your car and your ego at the same time. It’s better to do your lifting at home, rather than while serving jail time.

So, next time you feel the urge to do some reps, just pull over and find a nice parking lot to show off your gains. Stay safe, and keep lifting!

Don't Pump Iron While You Pump Your Brakes!

No Kangaroo Boxing?

Say What?! You can’t challenge a kangaroo to a boxing match in Myrtle Creek, Oregon? I guess that settles it then – the law is the law!

So, if you meet a kangaroo on the streets of Myrtle Creek and think you can go toe-to-toe with it, think again! I mean, come on, have you seen how ripped those kangaroos are?

They’ve got a mean right hook that can knock you into next week! And not to mention, it’s probably not safe for the kangaroo either – nobody would want to hurt those adorable creatures!

So, let’s just leave the kangaroos alone and find a more worthy opponent for our boxing aspirations, shall we? Gloves off, people!

No Kangaroo Boxing?

Don't Talk Dirty To Me!

Ooh la la! In Oregon, you better watch what you whisper in your lover’s ear when things get steamy in the bedroom! That’s right, folks, the law says you can’t say anything “dirty” during sex!

You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal? It’s just pillow talk!” But hey, the lawmakers in Oregon don’t want you to be naughty like that!

So, be careful not to let your lips slip and say anything too risqué, or you might just find yourself on the wrong side of the law! Maybe you can stick to talking about the weather or your favorite album? Either way, keep it clean, folks!

Don't Talk Dirty To Me!​

Bad Breath Not Blessed?

Hold on to your breath mints, preachers of Marion County, if you’re planning to deliver a sermon on Sunday, you better watch what you eat! The law forbids you from consuming any onion or garlic, which, as we all know, can be quite pungent.

Can you imagine preaching the word of God with bad breath? The congregation would be chasing you out the door with their noses plugged, not to mention what it might do to your reputation!

So, let’s just stick to some minty-fresh breath spray, shall we? And for all the churchgoers out there, make sure to carry some gum for your favorite preacher on Sunday morning. Trust us, it’ll be much appreciated!

Bad Breath Not Blessed?​

No Trading Rings on the Rink?

Oh boy, if you and your sweetheart were planning on a romantic wedding ceremony at the ice rink, you might want to switch your plans! Why, you ask? Well, because it’s illegal to get married in an ice-skating rink in Oregon! Who would’ve thought, right?

I mean, it sounds like a pretty cool idea to glide down the aisle in your skates, but I guess the lawmakers in Oregon think otherwise. I can only imagine the chaos that would ensue if the groom’s skates got caught on the bride’s dress, or if the minister slipped on the ice and fell flat on his face!

Plus, it would be pretty chilly for the guests, don’t you think? So, let’s just stick to the good old-fashioned church or beach wedding, shall we? No ice skates required!

No Trading Rings on the Rink?​

Professor's Guide to Polygamy Has Penalties!

In Marion County, Oregon, if you think you can educate someone about polygamy without getting into trouble, think again, my friend! You can’t just walk around and teach people what it means to have multiple spouses!

It is strictly forbidden, and law enforcement takes it very seriously! So, if you’re curious about polygamy, you’ll have to look it up on your own time or maybe even take a trip to Utah, but just don’t go sharing the knowledge with others in Marion County or you could be in hot water! Stay curious, friends, but also stay safe and legal!

Professor's Guide to Polygamy Has Penalties!​

Theaters and Liquor Don’t Mix? Only in Large Theaters!

Did you know that you can’t show movies in a tavern or sell liquor at a theater in Oregon unless the theater has over 300 seats? I mean, what’s the deal with that? Are they afraid the audience will get too rowdy?

Maybe they’re just worried about people spilling their drinks on the screen? Who knows! All we know is that it’s time to pack up the projector and head to the nearest megaplex if we want to watch a flick while sipping on a cold one. Cheers!

Theaters and Liquor Don’t Mix? Only in Large Theaters!​

Do Not Eat That Donut!

Hold the donut and walk forwards, buddy! That’s right, in Marion, Oregon, it’s against the law to eat a donut while walking backward. I mean, who knew that the simple act of enjoying a sweet treat could be so illegal and so specific?

So, if you’re craving a donut while strolling down the streets of Marion, just make sure to keep your eyes on the path ahead and avoid any backward shenanigans. Stay safe, and keep snacking!

Do Not Eat That Donut!​

City Slickers Be Served!  

Looks like you’ve stumbled upon another wacky law in Oregon! What’s the deal with gas pumps, anyhow? Apparently, you’re not allowed to pump your own gas unless the gas station has a self-serve station in a rural area.

I mean, come on, who knew lifting a gas pump and putting it in your car required a college degree? The good news is, if you’re in a rural area, feel free to start pumping your heart out (with the gas pump, that is). But if you’re in the city, leave it to the professionals and sit back in your car, watching in awe as they pump your gas for you. It’s all in a day’s work, my friend!

City Slickers Be Served!

Now, folks, I hope you had fun reading about these wacky laws in Oregon – but let’s be honest, sometimes laws are just plain silly.

But, if you do find yourself in an unfortunate accident or personal injury situation outside of these bizarre rules, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (971) 339-8080 or contact Goldberg & Loren Portland personal injury attorneys.  

Although they don’t do criminal law, they have surely got your back when it comes to fighting for your legal rights and getting the compensation you deserve.

Remember, you don’t want to be caught out in left field, just like those folks who got caught breaking the laws in this article! So, if you ever need legal assistance with a personal injury case, Goldberg & Loren is the way to go!


[1] Weirdest Laws In Oregon’s State History – Grunge. (2022, February 1). Grunge. https://www.grunge.com/753143/weirdest-laws-in-oregons-state-history/

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