Uber Sex Assaults and What You Need to Know

Rideshare services like Uber have undoubtedly transformed the way people travel, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility. 

Yet, the ease of hailing a ride with a simple tap on our phones has brought to light a darker side of this convenience has emerged, with reports of sexual assaults involving rideshare drivers. These incidents have raised significant concerns about passenger safety during rideshare journeys.

Uber emphasizes the safety of riding in their vehicles. Based on Uber’s website, most of the trips in 2019 and 2020 ended without any safety incidents, including sexual assault. When viewed as a statistic, Uber seems relatively safe, considering the vast number of rides taken daily (approximately 3 million). [1]

What is Sex Assault?

Sexual assault refers to any form of non-consensual sexual activity or behavior forced upon an individual without their consent.

These assaults can occur in various settings, including intimate relationships, workplace environments, public spaces, and even during transportation, such as in the case of Uber sex assaults. Sexual assault is a criminal act and a violation of a person’s autonomy, dignity, and rights.

What is Sex Assault?

Types of Sex Assault associated with Uber

Sexual assaults associated with Uber can take various forms. Here are some types of sexual assault that have been reported in relation to Uber rides:

Statistics on Uber Sexual Assaults

When examining each individual incident, the frequency of sexual assaults that take place in an Uber is concerning. According to Uber’s 2019-2020 period US Safety Report, there were 3,842 reports of sexual assault, ranging from non-consensual kissing to rape. Uber also mentioned that 80,000 drivers have been removed from the platform due to unresolved background checks. [1]

Statistics on Uber Sexual Assaults

Ways to Protect Yourself from Uber-Related Sexual Assaults

By following these safety tips, individuals can enhance their safety during Uber rides:

By following these protection tips, individuals can play an active role in enhancing their own safety during Uber rides and help foster a culture of safety and accountability within the ride-hailing industry.

How to Report Sexual Assault Using the Uber App

To report an incident with Uber, you can follow these steps:

How to Report Sexual Assault Using the Uber App

Analyzing Uber Company Liability in Sexual Assault Cases

Uber, as a ride-hailing company, has faced numerous sexual assault allegations over the years. Here is an examination of Uber’s potential liability:

Specific laws and regulations may vary across jurisdictions, and individual cases may have unique circumstances that impact liability.

Legal Implications and Compensation

If Uber is found liable for sexual assault, the company may be required to compensate victims for their physical, emotional, and financial damages. This could include medical expenses, therapy costs, pain and suffering, and loss of income. The legal implications may also involve fines and penalties imposed by regulatory bodies.

Legal Implications and Compensation

If you or someone you know has been a victim of an Uber sex assault incident, seek legal representation.

Contact Goldberg & Loren law firm today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards justice and healing. You don’t have to face this alone – we’re here to help.


[1] UberUSSafetyReport_20192020_FullReport.pdf.pdf | Powered by Box. (n.d.). https://uber.app.box.com/s/vkx4zgwy6sxx2t2618520xt35rix022h

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