Commander Leaves Whitehouse After Biting 5

Commander has Been Removed From the White House

After multiple reported dog bite incidents, Commander Biden has been removed from the White House. The president’s dog no longer resides at the White House, as it has reportedly bitten another Secret Service agent on September 25. [1]

In July, approximately 200 pages of redacted federal documents were released, detailing ten alleged attacks by a German shepherd on Secret Service officers and agents. These incidents date back to October 2022. According to the documents, none of the injuries sustained by the victims were deemed as serious.

In November of last year, an agent was hospitalized after being bitten by Commander, without any provocation, on the arm and thigh, as per emails and records obtained by the conservative group Judicial Watch.

Last week, Elizabeth Alexander, communications director for the First Lady, mentioned that the White House can be a stressful environment for family pets. She also mentioned that the Biden family is working on finding ways to help Commander handle the often unpredictable nature of the White House grounds.

Commander has Been Removed From the White House

What is Next For Commander?

Alexander, stated on Wednesday that the Commander is currently not on the White House campus as they assess the next steps. Although the location was not mentioned, she emphasized that the President and First Lady prioritize the safety of White House staff and those who protect them. She expressed gratitude for the patience and support from the U.S. Secret Service and all involved parties as they work towards finding solutions.

Alexander did not provide information about where the dog was going. The German shepherd was last seen on Saturday on an upper balcony of the White House.

Commander is the second dog owned by Biden that has faced challenges in adapting to this demanding and fast-paced environment. Three-year-old Major and nine-year-old Champ Biden moved into the White House with their parents in January 2021 but were later enrolled in canine training due to an incident involving Major’s biting.

They returned to the White House a few weeks later, but due to additional instances of biting and a potential incident that may not have been his fault, Major was sent to live with a family friend.

Commander was given to the Bidens as a puppy in December of 2021 after the death of their German shepherd, Champ, earlier that year. [2] During Major’s relocation, experts in animal behavior and veterinary care recommended that he be placed in a quieter environment, according to a spokesperson for the First Lady. 

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[2] Tanyos, F. (2023, October 6). Bidens’ dog, Commander, removed from White House after several documented attacks on Secret Service personnel. CBS News.

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