Scariest Semi-Truck Accidents of 2023

Did you know that semi trucks accounted for 53% of all fatal collisions involving large trucks, according to statistics provided by the FMCSA? [1]

Here’s a recap of the scariest US semi-truck accidents that happened in 2023.

1. Runaway semi-truck causes havoc, striking 33 vehicles and setting fire to a Ford dealership in Utah

2. Accident on Highway 20 between semi-truck and car results in hospitalization of two individuals

3. Big rig crash in Sutter County

4. Semi-truck overturns on I-24, prompting extrication and hospitalization of drivers

5. Mustang slid underneath a large truck

6. A tragic accident occurs in Chesterfield County


Runaway semi causes chaos, hits 33 vehicles, ignites Utah Ford dealership

In a scary incident in Tooele, Utah, a runaway semi-truck with failed brakes caused chaos, hitting 33 vehicles and igniting a fire at a Ford dealership. Despite 11 injuries and one person being airlifted in critical condition, no fatalities were reported. [2]

Dashcam footage showed the truck attempting to avoid vehicles at intersections, but its speed prevented avoiding all. Luckily, 22 damaged vehicles were unoccupied as the truck veered into the Ford dealership. The truck, eventually catching fire after crashing into the dealership’s main building, fortunately left the driver with no serious injuries.

Runaway semi causes chaos, hits 33 vehicles, ignites Utah Ford dealership

Highway 20 crash: Semi-truck and car collision sends two to hospital

A collision between a semi-truck and a car on U.S. Highway 20 near Suttle Lake, west of Sisters, led to a two-vehicle crash, resulting in two individuals being hospitalized. One person was airlifted by Life Flight helicopter, while another was transported by ambulance to St. Charles Bend Hospital. [3]

The crash, causing the semi-truck to overturn, occurred around milepost 86, approximately a mile west of the Suttle Lake Loop intersection. 


Sutter County big rig crash

A collision occurred at the intersection of Acacia Avenue and Highway 20 when a semi-truck broadsided a turning truck with a green light. Witness Bill Ollar, who narrowly avoided the crash, reported that both drivers appeared shaken but managed to walk away. [4]

Ollar expressed concern about the intersection’s safety, highlighting previous accidents. Residents advise caution even with a green light, emphasizing the need to check both ways at the Highway 20 and Acacia intersection.

Sutter County big rig crash

In Chattanooga, a semi-truck overturns on I-24, drivers extricated and hospitalized

Chattanooga emergency responders extricated two drivers following a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 24. The semi-truck, initially traveling west, left the roadway, crossed the median, and overturned in the eastbound lanes. [5]

The 59-year-old male semi-truck driver is in critical condition, while the 35-year-old female driver of a second vehicle sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The cause of the crash is under investigation by CPD’s Traffic Investigators.

After an 18-wheeler blocked both eastbound lanes for about four hours, I-24 East has reopened in the Lookout Valley area.


Mustang slides under a big truck

In a recent crash in Anaheim, California, a Ford Mustang GT slid under a semi truck’s trailer. It is a stark reminder to be extra cautious around large trucks. [6]

Despite the collision’s severity involving three vehicles, the Mustang driver miraculously survived with minimal roof damage over the driver’s seat. Passersby and first responders played an important role in ensuring the driver’s safety.


Fatal crash in Chesterfield County

A fatal collision occurred on November 7, 2023, in Chesterfield County, South Carolina, involving a minivan and a tractor-trailer. The crash, near the North Carolina state line, resulted in the death of the minivan driver during a left turn onto Airport Road.

The tractor-trailer driver remained uninjured. South Carolina has seen a concerning trend in roadway fatalities, with 837 deaths reported in 2023 as of November 13. [7]

Fatal crash in Chesterfield County

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