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What Are Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycle accidents can be incredibly dangerous and often lead to serious injuries or even death. They can occur due to factors such as reckless driving, speeding and poor road conditions.

Of the 1,260 bicyclist deaths in 2020, 806 died in motor-vehicle traffic crashes and 454 in other non-traffic incidents, according to National Center for Health Statistics mortality data. Males accounted for 89% of all bicycle deaths, over eight times the fatalities for females. [1]

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

There are many causes of bicycle accidents, including:

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Drivers

Motor vehicle drivers are often responsible for causing bicycle accidents. This can occur due to several reasons, such as failure to yield to cyclists, driving while distracted or impaired, or simply not being aware of bicyclists on the road.

Many motorists may not realize that cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities on the road as motor vehicles, which can lead to dangerous situations.

It’s important for drivers to pay attention to their surroundings, check for cyclists before turning or changing lanes, and give them enough space on the road.

All drivers should be aware of bicycle lanes and avoid driving or parking in them. By being aware and practicing caution, motorists can help to reduce the number of bicycle accidents and keep everyone safe on the road.

Both motorists and bicyclists should look out for each other and show mutual respect. [2]

Traffic Laws & Regulations

Federal laws provide important protections for bicyclists on the road. One such law is the Safe Passing Law, which requires motorists to leave a safe distance when passing a cyclist. The law varies by state but generally specifies a minimum distance, typically three to five feet, between the vehicle and the cyclist.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates that commercial vehicles must give bicyclists ample space and maneuver safely around them. These federal laws work in conjunction with state and local laws to create a comprehensive framework that aims to protect and promote the rights of bicyclists on the road.

Urban arterial roads (high-capacity roads that deliver traffic from collector roads to freeways) have the highest percentage of cyclist fatalities. These roads are responsible for around 44% of cyclist deaths. [3]

Motor Vehicle Drivers

Common Bicycle-Related Injuries

One of the most common bicycle injuries is a head injury. Even if you’re wearing a helmet, your head can still experience significant trauma if you’re involved in a crash. Head injuries can range from mild concussions to severe traumatic brain injuries, and they can have lifelong consequences. 

Nearly 1,000 bicyclists die and over 130,000 are injured in crashes that occur on roads in the United States every year. [4] 

Another common injury from a bicycle accident is a spinal cord injury. [5] These can be extremely serious and can result in partial or complete paralysis. Spinal cord injuries can affect your ability to move, breathe, and perform basic bodily functions, and they can require years, if not a lifetime of medical care. 

Broken bones are another common injury from a bicycle accident. A broken bone can be painful and can require a long recovery time. Depending on the severity of the break, a cyclist may require surgery, physical therapy, or even long-term medical care. Broken bones can also result in financial loss if a cyclist is unable to work or support themselves during their recovery.

Cyclists involved in an accident can suffer from cuts, bruises, and road rash. Even if these injuries seem minor, they can still require medical attention and can result in scarring or disfigurement. Road rash can be especially painful and can take a long time to heal. It’s important to remember that any injury sustained in a bicycle accident can be serious and should be taken seriously.

Why a Bicycle Lawyer is Needed

Why a Bicycle Lawyer is Needed

When you’re injured in a bicycle accident, you need someone who will fight for your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve. Let Goldberg & Loren fight for you.

Insurance companies will often try to minimize or deny your claim, leaving you to bear the burden of your injuries alone. Our bicycle accident lawyers at Goldberg & Loren can help level the playing field and make sure that you’re not taken advantage of.

We will help you navigate the complex legal system and allow you to rest and heal as we handle the paperwork, and negotiations, freeing up your time and allowing you to focus on your recovery. We will also provide you with guidance and support throughout the entire process, ensuring that you feel informed and empowered every step of the way.

Goldberg & Loren will help you recover damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. We will also help you pursue punitive damages, which are awarded in cases of extreme negligence or intentional harm.

Knowing that you have someone in your corner, advocating for your rights and fighting for your compensation, can be a huge relief during a difficult time. We are committed to providing our clients with compassionate and competent representation.

With legal representation from Goldberg & Loren, you can protect your rights, secure the compensation you deserve, and focus on your recovery. Don’t let an insurance company or negligent driver take advantage of you – contact our bicycle accident lawyers today.

Each year, close to 1,000 bicyclists die and another 130,000 are injured in crashes on U.S. roads, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Bicycle collisions can happen to people of any age, and collectively they result in an estimated $23 billion in costs each year. [6]

Have you recently been in a bicycle accident and need legal representation?

Goldberg & Loren are experienced bicycle accident lawyers who will fight for your rights. They have a proven track record of successfully representing clients and securing substantial settlements.

Don’t let the stress and confusion of a bicycle accident weigh on you any longer. With Goldberg & Loren on your side, you can feel confident that your case is in capable hands. They will work tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome.

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