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What Is a Hospital-Acquired Infection Attorney?

A hospital-acquired infection attorney is a legal professional who specializes in cases where medical professionals or healthcare providers are accused of causing an infection due to medical negligence.

Infections resulting from medical treatment can occur in various ways, from unsanitary conditions in hospitals to inadequate care and unsafe staffing practices.

Our infection attorneys from Goldberg & Loren can help you obtain compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages while holding liable parties accountable for their actions.

What Is a Hospital-Acquired Infection Attorney?

Benefits of Hiring a Portland Infection Attorney

Goldberg & Loren’s law firm offers free case evaluations, which provide an opportunity to discuss the details of your case and determine whether legal action is warranted. We handle cases on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not need to pay anything upfront and only pay if a settlement or verdict is reached in your favor. 

Goldberg & Loren’s attorneys offer peace of mind. We will represent you in your legal battles against nursing homes, insurance companies, and healthcare providers. By taking the burden off of your shoulders, we allow you to focus on your recovery and well-being.

Common Causes of Hospital-Acquired Infections

Poor Hand Hygiene Practices by Healthcare Professionals

Bacteria and viruses can easily spread from one patient to another when proper hand hygiene practices are not followed. This issue is especially important in healthcare settings where patients are vulnerable to infections and their immune systems may be weakened.

The consequences of poor hand hygiene practices in healthcare settings can be severe. Patients may suffer from prolonged hospital stays, additional medical costs, and in some cases, death.

Improperly Sterilized Medical Tools or Devices

When medical tools are not properly sterilized, harmful bacteria and viruses can easily spread among patients, causing infections. This is particularly dangerous in procedures involving surgeries or injections.

Patients can develop severe infections, which can be life-threatening if not treated promptly. Medical instruments that commonly cause infections due to improper sterilization include surgical instruments, needles, and catheters.

Common Causes of Hospital-Acquired Infections

Failure to Properly Clean and Disinfect Surfaces Regularly

Bacterial infections, such as MRSA and E. coli, can result in severe illness for patients, while viral infections, like hepatitis B and C, can lead to life-long complications. Fungal infections, such as Aspergillosis, can cause respiratory problems, and parasitic infections can result in organ damage.

Proper cleaning and disinfection practices in healthcare facilities are important for preventing the spread of hospital-acquired infections. 

Overuse or Misuse of Antibiotics

When antibiotics are overused, they lose their effectiveness in treating infections, leading to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Patients who are given antibiotics for viral infections, such as colds or the flu, are more susceptible to developing bacterial infections.

Antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria in the body that help to fight off infections, leaving the patient with a weakened immune system.

The overuse of antibiotics can disrupt the natural balance of bacteria in the body, which can lead to opportunistic infections. 

In hospitals alone, 1 in 31 hospitalized patients have at least one hospital-acquired infection at any given time, with more than 680,000 infections and billions of dollars in excess healthcare costs related to these infections across the United States every year. [1]

Liability from an Infection in Portland Oregon

Medical professionals may be held responsible for infections resulting from negligent behavior or medical malpractice, such as failing to sterilize medical equipment or not following proper hygiene protocols.

Manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies can be liable if their products are defective or were not properly designed or manufactured, leading to an increased risk of infection.

Liability from an Infection in Portland Oregon

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[1] Healthcare-Associated Infections Workgroup – Healthy People 2030 | health.gov. (n.d.). https://health.gov/healthypeople/about/workgroups/healthcare-associated-infections-workgroup

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