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If you have been in a rear-end accident, don’t go through it alone. Our Los Angeles rear-end accident lawyers have many years of experience helping clients get the best possible outcomes in their cases. We understand the dynamics of rear-end accidents, and our expert legal team knows how to get maximum compensation for you.

Goldberg & Loren has recovered over 500 Million in damages since 1994. We specialize in Los Angeles personal injury cases as a result of automobile accidents.

Rear-End Accident Statistics in Los Angeles

Los Angeles alone had an estimated 5,819 rear-end accidents in 2018. These types of accidents can cause significant injuries and damages to both drivers and passengers involved.

Common Causes of Rear-End Accidents

There are a number of reasons why rear-end accidents occur, including:

Our lawyers are experienced in determining the cause of these types of accidents and can help you get the justice you deserve.

Los Angeles Rear-end Accident Lawyers

Injuries caused by Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end collisions can cause serious injuries like:

And in some cases, even death. It is important to seek medical attention right away if you have been in a rear-end accident and to contact an experienced lawyer as well.

What to do After a Rear-End Accident 

If you have been part of in a rear-end accident, there are some steps you should take:

What's the Statute of Limitation on a Rear-End Accident in LA?

The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in the State of California is two years from the date of the accident. This means that you have two years from the time of the accident to file a lawsuit and seek compensation for your injuries and damages.

What Compensation Can I Get From a Rear-End Case In Los Angeles?

If you have been part of a rear-end accident and are filing a personal injury claim, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages, including:

What Are The Steps of a Rear-End Claim in LA?

The steps of a rear-end claim may vary depending on the situation, but here are some general steps to expect:

This is an overview of what you can expect when filing a rear-end accident claim. It’s important to understand all of the steps and consult with an experienced lawyer before proceeding.

An experienced lawyer will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that your rights are protected.

What is The Liability of Rear-End Accidents in LA?

In the state of California, the driver who rear-ends another vehicle is generally held liable for any damages caused in the accident. This includes both physical and financial damages. Depending on the circumstances, other parties may also be held liable for their role in causing or contributing to the accident. An experienced lawyer can review your case and help you determine who is liable for the accident. 

It is important to remember that every case is different, and the law can be complex. If you have been injured in a rear-end accident, it is important to contact an experienced lawyer who can help you understand your legal rights and pursue compensation for your damages.

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