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What is Product Liability?

Product liability refers to the legal responsibility that manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and other parties involved in the production and distribution of a product may have for any defects or dangers present in that product. When a product is defective or poses a risk to consumers, and this defect or risk leads to harm or injury, the responsible parties may be held liable for damages. [1]

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Types of Product Liability Claims

There are three main types of product defects that can lead to product liability claims:

  • Design Defects: These occur when there is a flaw in the product’s overall design, making it inherently dangerous.
  • Manufacturing Defects: These defects happen during manufacturing, resulting in individual products that do not conform to the intended design.
  • Marketing Defects (Failure to Warn): This involves inadequate instructions, warnings, or labeling for a product, making it dangerous for consumers to use without proper guidance.
Types of Product Liability Claims

Causes of Product Liability Accident

Product liability accidents can occur for a wide range of reasons, often stemming from defects or issues in a product’s design, manufacturing, or marketing.
Here are some causes of product liability accidents:

  • Inadequate Quality Control: Insufficient quality control measures during the manufacturing process can produce defective products. Lack of proper testing and oversight may allow substandard products to reach the market.

  • Failure to Warn or Provide Adequate Instructions: If a product requires specific instructions for safe use or if it poses hidden dangers that users may not be aware of, the failure to provide proper warnings or instructions can lead to accidents and injuries. 

  • Recalls and Product Updates: If a manufacturer fails to issue timely recalls or provide necessary updates for known defects or dangers in a product, accidents may occur even after the risks are identified.

  • Supply Chain Issues: Problems in the supply chain, such as using substandard materials or components, can contribute to product defects.

  • Negligence in Testing: Inadequate testing of products before they are released to the market can result in undiscovered defects.

  • Environmental Factors: Some products may be affected by environmental conditions, causing them to degrade or malfunction unexpectedly. 

  • Intended Use vs. Misuse: Accidents can occur when users misuse a product, unintentionally or intentionally.

Determining Liability in Product Liability Cases

Different legal theories can be used to establish liability depending on the specific circumstances. These include:

  • Strict Liability: In some states, manufacturers can be held strictly liable for injuries caused by any type of defect, regardless of their knowledge or intent. This simplifies the burden of proof for the plaintiff.
  • Negligence: The plaintiff must prove that the manufacturer or another party in the supply chain (distributor, retailer) acted negligently by failing to exercise reasonable care in designing, manufacturing, or warning about the product’s hazards.
  • Breach of Warranty: If the product comes with an express or implied warranty that it is safe and fit for its intended purpose, a breach of this warranty can also form the basis of a liability claim.

Depending on the product’s journey from conception to purchase, multiple parties may be considered liable, including:

  • Distributor
  • Manufacturer
  • Retailer
Determining Liability in Product Liability Cases

Statute of Limitations for Product Liability Cases in Gresham, Oregon

In Gresham, Oregon, the Statute of Limitations for product liability cases is two years from the injury’s date or discovery. However, there is a unique aspect in Oregon law that extends the Statute of Limitations in product liability cases to ten years from the date of product purchase if the injury occurred after the two-year general Statute of Limitations expires. 

The connection between the injury and the product is important in determining when the Statute of Limitations begins. If the injury is not immediately apparent, the Statute of Limitations may not start until the injury is discovered or should have been discovered.

This “discovery rule” allows for flexibility in determining when the Statute of Limitations begins in product liability cases in Gresham, Oregon. Other exceptions may apply to the time limits, so contact our dedicated personal injury lawyers in Gresham for additional guidance.

Importance of Hiring a Specialized Product Liability Lawyer

Regarding product liability cases, hiring a specialized product liability lawyer with expertise in this complex area of law is vital. This is how working with us can help you get favorable results:

  • Our team of product liability lawyers has extensive experience in handling these types of cases and navigating the intricate legal process.
  • We understand the complexities and nuances of proving liability and pursuing maximum compensation for injured consumers.
  • Our lawyers can help investigate the product and gather evidence to support your claim. We have the resources and knowledge to identify and work with experts who can provide valuable insight into the product’s defects and the resulting injuries.
  • Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who can engage with insurance companies and product manufacturers on your behalf to seek fair and just compensation. We are dedicated to holding negligent parties accountable and ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries.
Importance of Hiring a Specialized Product Liability Lawyer

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FAQs About Product Liability

Damages in a product liability lawsuit may include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and other related losses.
Manufacturers or regulatory agencies may initiate product recalls to address safety concerns. While a recall doesn't absolve liability, it can indicate a known defect and may be relevant in a product liability case.
Yes, in some cases, product liability claims can be pursued for used or second-hand products. The key is establishing that the product was defective and that the defect caused harm.


[1] Products Liability. (n.d.). LII / Legal Information Institute. https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/products_liability

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