10 Defective Product Recalls of 2023

Defective product recalls are a significant aspect of consumer safety and protection. When a product is found to pose a risk to the public due to a design flaw, manufacturing defect, or any other hazardous issue, manufacturers issue a recall to remove the product from the market and prevent further harm to consumers.

Recalls are announced by the manufacturer in coordination with consumer protection agencies and are meant to inform the public about the potential risks of using the dangerous products. It’s significant for consumers to heed these warnings and take appropriate action, such as returning the product for a refund or repair, to ensure their safety and well-being.

Ten Defective Product Recalls of 2023


BlendJet Recalled 4.8 Million BlendJet 2 Portable Blenders Due to Fire and Laceration Hazards

Name of product: BlendJet 2 portable blenders

Recall date: December 28, 2023

Units: About 4.8 million

Hazard: Consumers face fire and laceration hazards from the recalled blenders, which can overheat, catch fire, and have blades break off.

Remedy: If you own a recalled blender, immediately stop using it and contact BlendJet to get a free replacement BlendJet 2 base unit. To receive the replacement, consumers must cut the rubber seal into three or more pieces and submit a photo of the unit’s serial number and the cut seal on their website.

To check if your unit is recalled, call their toll-free number, 844-334-0562.

Incidents: The company has received around 329 reports of blades breaking during use and 17 reports of overheating or fires. The company has also received 49 reports of minor burns and one report of a laceration injury.


High-Powered Magnetic Balls Recalled Due to Ingestion Hazard

Name of product: Relax 5mm science kit, large hematite magnets magnetic stones building blocks

Recall date: December 28, 2023

Units: About 4,240

Hazard: The 5mm magnetic ball sets failed to meet the standards of the necessary federal magnet regulation, as the sets contain magnets that fit within CPSC’s small parts cylinder and are stronger than allowed.

Swallowing high-powered magnets can lead to them attracting one another or a different metal object and causing them to become stuck in the digestive system, potentially causing perforations, twisting, blockages, infection, blood poisoning, or even death.

Remedy: You should stop using the product immediately, take it away from children, and contact Joybuy to receive a pre-paid label to return the recalled products for a full refund.

Incidents: There were 2,400 cases of magnet ingestion were treated in hospital emergency departments from 2017 to 2021 and reported seven fatalities from consuming dangerous magnets, two of which occurred outside the US.

Magnetic Balls

Klein Tools Issued a Voluntary Recall of Blackfire and Klein Tools Power Stations Due to Fire Hazards

Name of product: Blackfire and Klein Tools power station

Recall date: December 21, 2023

Units: About 3,800

Hazard: The internal inverter boards at the top and bottom of the power stations have the potential to overheat, presenting fire and burn risks.

Remedy: Klein Tools is instructing consumers to discontinue the use of the recalled Blackfire and Klein Tools power stations and to return them to the place of purchase.

Incidents: Klein Tools received four reports of overheating. No injuries and lithium-ion battery fires have been reported.


Vornado Expands Recalled 1.75 Million Steamfast Travel Steam Irons Due to Fire, Burn and Shock Hazards

Name of product: Steamfast home & away travel steam irons

Recall date: December 14, 2023

Units: About 1.75 million

Hazard: If the power cord becomes damaged close to the cord bushing, it could overheat and present fire and burn hazards. Such damage near the bushing may expose copper wires, leading to a shock hazard.

Remedy: If you have one, you should stop using the recalled irons and visit the Steamfast or Vornado website to register for the recall and receive a refund or a free replacement iron.

Incidents: Vornado has received reports of 74 incidents, including 18 reports of the iron’s power cord smoking, sparking, catching fire, or overheating at the power cord or of the power cord becoming damaged, and two reports of minor shocks.

Vornado Expands Recalled 1.75 Million Steamfast Travel Steam Irons Due to Fire, Burn and Shock Hazards

Lenovo Recalled USB-C Laptop Power Banks Due to Fire Hazard

Name of product: Lenovo USB-C laptop power banks

Recall date: November 22, 2023

Units: About 2,850

Hazard: The power bank’s internal screws may become loose and can lead to a short circuit and overheating of the lithium-ion battery, creating a fire risk. Don’t dispose of lithium-ion batteries in trash or battery recycling bins available at retail and home improvement stores. If they are damaged or crushed, these batteries can cause fires and explosions, posing a hazard.

Remedy: You are advised to discontinue usage of the recalled Lenovo USB-C Laptop Power Banks and reach out to Lenovo for a complimentary replacement, as well as guidance on the correct disposal of lithium-ion batteries in compliance with local and state regulations.

Incidents: There has been one report of a fire causing minimal property damage with no burn injuries reported.


Daikin Comfort Technologies Recalled Amana Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps Due to Fire Hazards

Name of product: Amana packaged terminal air conditioners/heat pumps (PTACs) equipped with “DigiAir” modules

Recall date: August 03, 2023

Units: About 62,100

Hazard: The DigiAir module compressor has the potential to overheat, creating risks of burns and fires.

Remedy: If you have one, you can contact Daikin Comfort Technologies Manufacturing, L.P. for instructions on disabling the DigiAir compressor in the recalled PTACs and for free repair by a qualified technician.

Incidents: The DCT has received 52 incident reports related to the “DigiAir” compressor, with 10 incidents resulting in fires. Fortunately, no risks of injury have been reported so far.


Jetson Electric Bikes Recalled 42-Volt Rogue Hoverboards Due to Fire Hazard

Name of product: 42-volt Jetson Rogue self-balancing scooters/hoverboards

Recall date: March 30, 2023

Units: About 53,000

Hazard: The lithium-ion battery packs in the hoverboards can overheat, posing a fire hazard.

Remedy: If you are using 42-volt Jetson Rogue hoverboards, Jetson advises you to cease using and charging them and to reach out to Jetson for a complete refund.

Incidents: There have been reports of two fatalities and multiple minor burns.


Lexmark Ventures Recalled Solexio Hair Stylers Due to Electrocution

Name of product: STYLR hair stylers

Recall date: March 30, 2023

Units: About 26,830

Hazard: If the unit is dropped, the hair styler’s cord can come loose, creating a risk of electric shock or electrocution for users.

Remedy: If you have purchased the recalled hair stylers, please discontinue use and reach out to Solexio or the seller from whom you bought it to receive a full refund.

Incidents: None reported


Polaris Recalled Sportsman All-Terrain Vehicles Due to Fire and Crash Hazards

Name of product: Sportsman 450 and 570 all-terrain vehicles (2021-2023)

Recall date: March 16, 2023

Units: About 80,000

Hazard: A poorly assembled wiring harness might make contact with the brake line or vehicle frame during operation, leading to potential loss of front brake function and fire risks, presenting hazards for both fire and crashes.

Remedy: You should immediately stop using the recalled ATVs and contact a Polaris dealer to schedule a free repair.

Incidents: The company has gotten five fire reports and three damaged wire reports. Out of the five fire reports, two also mentioned a loss of front brake function.


Platinum Health Recalled LumaRail Adult Portable Bed Rails Due to Entrapment and Asphyxia Hazard

Name of product: LumaRail bed assist rails

Recall date: February 23, 2023

Units: About 53,000

Hazard: If the recalled bed rails are attached to an adult’s bed, there is a significant risk of users being trapped within the rail or between the rail and the mattress, which could lead to asphyxiation and a serious hazard.

Remedy: If you have the PHB7000D model on a twin bed, stop using the recalled bed rails and reach out to Platinum Health for a free repair kit. You will receive a redesigned replacement bed rail at no cost, specifically designed to fit twin beds.

Incidents: Platinum has received one report of a death involving the bed assist rail with legs (model PHB4000).

Platinum Health Recalled LumaRail Adult Portable Bed Rails Due to Entrapment and Asphyxia Hazard

Contact Goldberg & Loren’s experienced defective product lawyers if you or a loved one has been injured due to any hazardous product incidents. 


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