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What is a Hospital-Acquired Infection?

A hospital-acquired infection (HAI), also known as a nosocomial infection, is an infection that a person acquires during their stay in a healthcare facility, such as a hospital or a nursing home. [1] These infections can develop as a result of exposure to infectious agents within the healthcare setting.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), HAIs in American hospitals are responsible for approximately 1.7 million infections and 99,000 associated deaths annually. [2]

What is a Hospital-Acquired Infection?

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Types of Hospital-Acquired Infection

Hospital-acquired infections can manifest in various forms, affecting different parts of the body. The types of HAIs are often categorized based on the site or system of infection. Some types of A hospital-acquired infections include:

  • Bloodstream Infections
  • Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTIs)
  • Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSIs)
  • Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI)
  • Gastrointestinal Infections
  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Infections
  • Multidrug-Resistant Organisms (MDROs)
  • Surgical Site Infections (SSIs)
  • Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci (VRE) Infections
  • Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP)

Causes of Hospital-Acquired Infection

HAIs can be caused by various factors, and they often result from the introduction of infectious agents into a healthcare setting. Some common causes of A hospital-acquired infections include:

  • Compromised Immune Systems
  • Contaminated Medical Equipment
  • Contaminated Surfaces
  • Inadequate Hand Hygiene
  • Inadequate Staff Training
  • Inadequate Surveillance
  • Inadequate Monitoring
  • Invasive Procedures
  • Improper Use of Antibiotics
  • Patient-to-Patient Transmission
  • Poor Environmental Hygiene
  • Use of Invasive Devices
Causes of Hospital-Acquired Infection

Impact of Hospital-Acquired Infection on Victims

Hospital-acquired infections can have significant impacts on you as a victim, leading to various adverse consequences.

The consequences may vary depending on the type and severity of the infection, as well as the overall health of the individual. Some common impacts of HAI’s include:

  • Antibiotic Resistance
  • Complications and Morbidity
  • Disruption of Daily Life
  • Emotional and Psychological Impact
  • Extended Hospital Stay
  • Financial Burden
  • Increased Healthcare Costs
  • Mortality
  • Negative Impact on Healthcare Reputation
  • Reduced Quality of Life

Statute of Limitations for Hospital-Acquired Infection in Appleton

The Statute of Limitations refers to the time limit within which a person can file a lawsuit for a specific type of legal claim. In Appleton, Wisconsin, the Statute of Limitations for hospital-acquired infection cases may vary depending on the circumstances and the specific details of each case.

Generally, the Statute of Limitations for personal injury cases in Wisconsin is two years from the date of injury or discovery of the injury, whichever comes first. 

Benefits of Hiring a Hospital-Acquired Infection Lawyer for Your Case

Dealing with a hospital-acquired infection is both physically and emotionally draining. But you don’t have to fight this battle alone. Our dedicated personal injury lawyers in Appleton are ready to be your advocate, your voice, and your unwavering support in seeking justice and compensation.

Here’s what sets us apart and why you deserve our expertise in your corner:

  • We have a strong history of success, securing significant settlements and verdicts for HAI victims like you. Our victories speak volumes about our skill, perseverance, and commitment to holding negligent hospitals accountable.
  • We understand the complexities of medical malpractice and HAIs. Our team works closely with medical experts who can analyze your case, explain medical jargon, and build a powerful case based on the specific details of your infection.
  • We leave no stone unturned. We’ll diligently investigate every aspect of your care, examining medical records, interviewing witnesses, and identifying any lapses in protocol or hygiene that contributed to your HAI.
  • We’ll handle all the legal heavy lifting, protecting you from the stress and burden of paperwork, deadlines, and negotiations. You focus on healing, while we fight for the compensation you deserve.
Benefits of Hiring a Hospital-Acquired Infection Lawyer for Your Case

Choosing our firm means choosing a team that will listen to your story, respect your pain, and fight tirelessly for the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

Contact us today, and let us fight to get all you deserve. Don’t pay unless we win!

FAQs About Hospital-Acquired Infection

Proving medical malpractice typically requires demonstrating the following elements: a duty of care owed by the healthcare provider, a breach of that duty, a causal connection between the breach and the injury, and actual damages or harm suffered by the patient.

Hospitals typically have liability insurance to cover legal claims, including those related to a hospital-acquired infection. The insurance may help cover legal expenses and settlement costs.

In some cases, your family members may be able to file a lawsuit on behalf of a patient, especially if the patient is incapacitated or deceased. The rules regarding who can bring a lawsuit vary by jurisdiction.


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