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California Exemptions in Workers' Comp

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Workers’ Compensation Requirements For California Businesses

In California, all employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance, regardless of the size of the business. This means that all businesses with at least one employee, including full-time, part-time, seasonal, and temporary workers, must carry workers’ compensation insurance. [1]

There are very few exceptions to this rule, and employers who fail to provide workers’ compensation insurance can face significant penalties and legal consequences.

These regulations broadly define the businesses that must provide workers’ comp in California. If you are unsure whether or not your business fits any of these categories, contact our attorneys. Our California workers’ comp attorneys will guide you on the qualification guidelines and process.

How Do I Qualify For a Workers’ Compensation Exemption in California?

In California, certain types of businesses may be exempt from workers’ compensation requirements. These exemptions may include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships: Sole proprietors and partners in a business can choose to be excluded from workers’ compensation coverage but can opt to be covered if desired.
  • Independent Contractors: Independent contractors are often not considered employees and therefore may not be required to have workers’ compensation coverage by the business that hires them. Classification of workers as independent contractors is subject to specific legal criteria.
How Do I Qualify For a Workers’ Compensation Exemption in California?

It’s important for businesses to carefully review the workers’ compensation laws in California. Consult with our legal professionals to ensure compliance and proper classification of workers.

The exemptions and regulations can be complex, and businesses need to understand their obligations under California law.

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In California, a single-member LLC, where the sole member is working as an employee, is required to obtain workers' compensation insurance. The law considers the sole member as an employee of the LLC, and therefore workers' compensation coverage is mandatory. However, if the single-member LLC has no employees other than the owner and meets certain criteria, it may qualify for an exemption from workers' compensation insurance. 

In California, businesses that hire independent contractors generally do not need to provide workers' compensation insurance for those contractors. Independent contractors are typically responsible for obtaining their own workers' compensation coverage, as they are not classified as employees of the hiring business. Misclassification can result in significant legal and financial consequences. 

In California, a sole proprietor is not required to have workers' compensation insurance for themselves. If the sole proprietor has employees, they are obligated to carry workers' compensation coverage for those employees. Sole proprietors have the option of including themselves under their workers' compensation policy or choosing to self-exclude. 


[1] California Workers’ Comp Exemptions: Can I exclude owners and officers? | Huckleberry Insurance. (n.d.). https://huckleberry.com/blog/california-workers-compensation-exemption/

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