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California Can Co-workers Testify Regarding Workers' Comp?

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Can Co-Workers Testify in a California Workers' Compensation Case?

Some workers’ comp cases are not approved. Your claim may be denied by your employer or their insurance company for various reasons. If this occurs, it may be necessary to initiate a workers’ compensation lawsuit. [1]

In California workers’ compensation cases, other employees can provide testimony. Testimony from co-workers or other employees who witnessed the incident or have knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the injury can be valuable in supporting the injured worker’s claim.

Their testimony can help establish the cause and extent of the injury, as well as any relevant factors that may affect the claim, such as unsafe working conditions or inadequate training. [2]

Are Other Employees Able to Provide Testimony in a California Workers' Compensation Case?

What Types of Evidence Can an Attorney Use to Support a California Workers' Comp Case?

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