Asbestos and Cancer in Portland, Oregon

Portland has a long history of asbestos use. In the early 1900s, all around the world, asbestos was used in a variety of products, including insulation, building materials, and brake linings. [1]

Asbestos exposure is a serious health hazard. But it is especially dangerous for people who live and work in Portland. According to a recent report, Portland has one of the highest rates of mesothelioma (a kind of cancer caused by asbestos exposure) in the US. [2]

The human cost of asbestos exposure is devastating as cancer from it is terminal, and there is no cure. Many people who are diagnosed with it die within a few years.

But there is hope. Asbestos exposure is preventable. And there are steps that we can take to protect ourselves and our families from this deadly hazard.

Here we will explore the issue of asbestos and cancer in Portland, Oregon State. We will discuss the history of asbestos use in Oregon City, the risk of cancer from asbestos exposure, and the steps that we can take to protect ourselves and our families.

Use of Asbestos in Portland

Asbestos was widely used in various industries in Portland, Oregon, in the past. Its heat resistance and insulating properties made it a popular choice for a range of applications. Here are some of the common uses of asbestos in Portland:

Use of Asbestos in Portland

Where Can I Be Exposed to Asbestos in Oregon?

Asbestos exposure is a significant concern in various industries across Oregon, with certain locations and job sites being particularly prone to this hazard.

While asbestos use has been heavily regulated and reduced in recent decades, it can still be found in older buildings and certain industries. Here are some common places where you may be exposed to asbestos in Oregon:

The Relationship Between Asbestos and Cancer

The relationship between asbestos and cancer is well-established, and asbestos exposure is a known cause of several types of cancer. Here is an overview of the relationship between asbestos and cancer:

Asbestos-related cancers typically have a long latency period, meaning that symptoms and the development of cancer may not appear until many years, often decades, after initial asbestos exposure.

The risk of developing asbestos-related cancer is not solely dependent on the duration of exposure but also the intensity and type of asbestos fibers encountered.

The Relationship Between Asbestos and Cancer

Precautions Against Asbestos Exposure

Taking precautions to minimize asbestos exposure is key to protecting your health. Asbestos exposure can occur in various settings, including older buildings, industrial workplaces, and during home renovations. Here are important precautions to consider:

Steps to Take if You're Diagnosed with Cancer Caused by Asbestos

If you have been diagnosed with cancer caused by asbestos exposure, it is important to take immediate action to ensure your well-being. Here are the steps you should consider:

1. Consult with a Specialist: Consider consulting with an oncologist or a specialist who specifically deals with asbestos-related diseases. They can provide expert guidance on the most effective treatment options for your specific condition.

2. Notify Family Members: Inform your family members about your cancer diagnosis. It is ideal to have a strong support system in place during your treatment journey.

3. Explore Legal Options: Asbestos exposure and its link to cancer has led many individuals to pursue legal action for compensation. Consult with an attorney specializing in asbestos litigation to understand your rights and explore the potential for financial compensation.

5. Stay Informed: Stay updated on the latest developments in asbestos-related diseases and lung cancer treatment options. Join support groups or online communities to connect with others who have had similar experiences.

Steps to Take if You're Diagnosed with Cancer Caused by Asbestos

The human cost of asbestos exposure in Portland is staggering. Thousands of people have died from asbestos-related cancers, and many more are living with the debilitating effects of these diseases.

If you have been affected by asbestos exposure, you are not alone. There are many resources available to help you and your family. You can find support groups, financial assistance, and legal advice to help you navigate this difficult time. For free legal consultation, you can reach out to us at Goldberg & Loren.

Asbestos exposure is a serious health hazard, but it is preventable. By taking precautions to avoid asbestos exposure, you can protect yourself and your family from the devastating effects of this deadly substance.


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[2] Whitmer, M. (2023, September 29). Oregon – Asbestos Exposure at Jobsite & Superfund Site. Mesothelioma Center – Vital Services for Cancer Patients & Families.

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