4 Florida Hit-and-Run Accidents in 2023

Florida Hit-and-Run Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents are a distressing and, unfortunately, a common occurrence on Florida’s roadways. These crashes on Florida roads average over 103,000 per year. [1] Here we look into 4 major hit-and-run accidents in Florida that occurred in 2023, highlighting the need for increased awareness, stricter penalties, and collective efforts to ensure road safety.

1. A hit-and-run rollover in Miramar sends driver to the hospital.

2. An Orlando hit-and-run crash results in the death of a 5-year-old girl.

3. A hit-and-run incident in Louis Vixon claims the life of a road construction worker.

4. Fatal hit-and-run claims the life of the best man in a Melbourne crash.

Florida Hit-and-Run Accidents

Rollover Hit-And-Run in Miramar Leaves Driver Hospitalized

In a hit-and-run incident in Miramar, a driver was hospitalized after a rollover crash. Miramar Police responded to the scene on Miramar Parkway, finding a mangled black Honda Civic flipped upside down. The injured Honda driver was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. [2]

The second vehicle involved fled the scene. Bystanders tried to assist, but the other driver did not stop. The crash occurred early in the morning and was witnessed by a resident who expressed frustration over the hit-and-run driver not stopping to help.


5-Year-Old Girl Killed in Hit-And-Run Crash in Orlando

In a heart-wrenching incident, 5-year-old Aiyanna McCoy lost her life after being thrown from a car in a hit-and-run collision. The devastating event unfolded on Orange Blossom Trail. [3]

Aiyanna’s grieving mother expressed gratitude for the community’s prayers and support during this challenging time. The family’s attorney revealed that Aiyanna’s aunt and two sisters also sustained injuries in the accident.

Witnesses at the scene recounted a horrific account of the crash, suggesting that it originated from street racing. According to their testimonies, one of the racers struck the family’s car, triggering the collision, and callously fled the scene in a different vehicle. Officers discovered Aiyanna approximately 30 feet away from the car, and despite immediate hospitalization, she succumbed to her injuries.

5-Year-Old Girl Killed in Hit-And-Run Crash in Orlando

Road Construction Worker Dies in Louis Vixon During a Hit-And-Run

A 67-year-old road construction worker, Louis Vixon, succumbed to critical injuries sustained in a hit-and-run crash in a West Palm Beach construction zone. [4]

The incident occurred on Dec. 21, with Vixon struck by a dark-colored car while working in a coned-off area during overnight road resurfacing. Despite immediate aid from a passing West Palm Beach Fire Department rescue truck, Vixon underwent extensive surgery but was declared brain dead on Christmas Eve.


Tragic Hit-And-Run Claims Life of Best Man in Melbourne Crash

A heartbreaking hit-and-run incident unfolded on Christmas Day in Melbourne in 2023, leaving a Pennsylvania family shattered as they mourn the loss of their 23-year-old son, Andrew Sofranko. [5]

The young man, who had served as the best man at his father’s wedding just days before, fell victim to a reckless driver near South Harbor City Boulevard and Strawbridge Avenue. Andrew’s devastated parents, Douglas and Danell Sofranko, expressed their grief, emphasizing the drastic shift from joyous celebrations to unimaginable tragedy.

The Sofranko family grapples with losing a generous young man who loved football.

The incident adds to thousands of hit-and-run crashes recorded in Central Florida, highlighting the urgent need for accountability and road safety.

Tragic Hit-And-Run Claims Life of Best Man in Melbourne Crash

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