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Dealing with Grief in Portland

There were 162 homicides in Oregon, and of those, there were 70 in the PDX area alone. [1]

In 2023, traffic fatalities also played an important role. With the majority being auto accidents, pedestrian accidents follow, there were:

Navigating grief can be an immensely challenging and isolating experience, but in Portland, there are numerous resources available to provide support, understanding, and guidance during these difficult times.

From individual counseling to support groups and community organizations, Portland offers a range of grief counseling resources tailored to meet the diverse needs of its residents.  Whether you’re coping with the loss of a loved one, dealing with a major life transition, or struggling with unresolved emotions, these resources are designed to offer compassion, healing, and hope on the journey toward emotional well-being.

Here are a few resources to help you with grief:

Dealing with Grief in Portland

Oregon Funeral Resources & Education

Oregon Funeral Resources & Education helps with providing information on what options are available after a loved one dies in Oregon. Their entire mission is to inform Oregonians about their rights and available resources when dealing with death. Whether you’re preparing for the end of life or seeking alternatives to traditional funeral practices, they offer practical information and support. 

In Oregon, families have the freedom to handle many aspects of after-death care themselves, including home funerals and burial. They provide guidance on tasks like completing paperwork, arranging final disposition, and planning ceremonies. They empower individuals and communities to make informed decisions about death care based on their needs and values.

Their website offers resources for professionals and community education to bridge gaps in understanding and address issues of systemic racism in death care. 

Website – https://www.oregonfuneral.org


Dougy Center

Dougy Center is a beacon of support and solace for those navigating the turbulent waters of grief, offering a safe haven where healing begins. Their unwavering commitment to providing compassionate care knows no bounds, as evidenced by their provision of support at no cost for as long as it is needed. [4]

Each year, over 2,500 kids, teens, young adults, and adult caregivers find solace in Dougy Center’s embrace in the Portland metro area alone. Moreover, their reach extends globally, with over 500 Dougy-trained programs worldwide, touching the lives of countless individuals in their darkest moments.

For those seeking support, Dougy Center offers a wealth of resources tailored to diverse needs. From peer grief support groups to grief education programs, Dougy Center equips individuals and families with the tools to navigate their grief journey with courage and resilience. Their comprehensive approach includes children, teens, young adults, families, supporters, and helping professionals, ensuring that no one faces grief alone.

Professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of childhood bereavement can access Dougy Center’s wealth of expertise through various avenues. From articles and publications to customized training and toolkits, Dougy Center empowers counselors, clergy, educators, and other professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide grief-informed care.

Through consulting services and collaborative planning, they help communities navigate the complexities of grief and loss, building resilience and healing in the face of adversity.

PO Box 86852 Portland, OR 97286

Website – https://www.dougy.org/

Contact: 1-(503)-775-5683

Dougy Center

Portland Therapy Center

At Portland Therapy Center, they understand that grief is a complex and deeply personal journey that follows the loss of a significant person or relationship. It’s a process marked by a myriad of painful emotions, including shock, sadness, heartache, anger, depression, anxiety, and denial. [5]

Each individual’s experience of grief is unique, shaped by their personal history, relationship with the deceased, and cultural background. While grief is commonly associated with emotional distress, it can also manifest in physical symptoms such as insomnia, changes in weight, fatigue, and physical discomfort.

They recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to grieving and that each person’s journey through grief unfolds at its own pace. Their compassionate therapists are there to provide support and guidance as individuals navigate the complexities of grief, helping them to cope with the pain and find healthy ways to move forward.

 Whether someone is struggling to make sense of their emotions, feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of their grief, or grappling with the physical toll of their loss, their team is there to offer a safe space for healing and growth.

Through therapy, individuals can explore their feelings, gain insight into their grief process, and develop coping strategies to navigate the challenges of loss. Their goal is to empower individuals to honor their loved one’s memory while also finding peace and acceptance in their own lives.

While grief may feel all-consuming in the moment, with support and time, it is possible to find hope and healing on the journey toward recovery. If someone is struggling with grief, Portland Therapy Center is there to help them find their way through.

Website – https://www.portlandtherapycenter.com

Portland Therapy Center

The Grief House

At The Grief House, they honor sorrow as an inherent part of the human experience and provide support for individuals navigating various forms of loss. Their philosophy centers on valuing community, recognizing diversity in grief experiences, trusting in the healing power of nature, and promoting the integration of mind, body, and spirit in the grief journey. [6]

Their mission is to foster grief processing through community-led offerings, including gatherings and experiences held at The Grief House and other project spaces. They welcome individuals from all walks of life who are grappling with loss, offering a safe and compassionate environment for expression, connection, and healing.

While The Grief House does not provide acute crisis intervention, they are committed to offering referrals and resources to individuals in need of additional support. They prioritize the well-being of those they serve and encourage anyone facing immediate distress to reach out to the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or to dial 911 for medical emergencies.

7906 N Fessenden St
Portland, OR 97203, United States

Website – https://www.griefhouse.org


Brief Encounters

At Brief Encounters support meetings, individuals find a compassionate and inclusive space to honor and remember their babies. Here, they can freely express their emotions, share memories, and connect with others who understand their grief journey. Each session begins with a candle -lighting ceremony and an opportunity for attendees to share their stories if they wish. Group discussions follow, covering various topics related to grief and healing. [7]

Meetings typically start at 7 PM and officially end at 9 PM, although attendees are welcome to stay longer if needed. Reservations are not required, and individuals are encouraged to bring a spouse, friend, or family member for support. Participants may also bring photos or mementos of their babies to share with the group.

There is no fee to attend meetings, and all are welcome regardless of their circumstances. However, for the comfort of all attendees, children are not permitted at meetings except for specific events like the Subsequent Pregnancy meeting.

Brief Encounters

The Compassionate Friends

The Compassionate Friends holds a deeply empathetic mission to provide solace and support to families enduring the heart-wrenching loss of a child, sibling, or grandchild.

Originating from humble beginnings around a kitchen table, this organization was founded over 50 years ago when grieving parents found solace and understanding in each other’s company. [8] Since then, The Compassionate Friends has grown into a global network with over 600 chapters across the United States and numerous countries worldwide.

Their creed, “We Need Not Walk Alone,” underscores their commitment to unity and support, regardless of age, cause of death, or cultural background. Their gatherings offer a safe haven where bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents can share their pain, hope, and understanding without judgment. 

Through love, empathy, and shared experiences, members find strength and solidarity in their collective journey of grief and healing.

The Compassionate Friends extends support to siblings who have lost a brother or sister, acknowledging their unique grief and need for understanding. They also provide solace for grieving grandparents, recognizing their dual roles as comforters and mourners in the face of profound loss.

Through their unwavering dedication and compassionate approach, The Compassionate Friends continues to be a beacon of hope and healing for families navigating the unimaginable pain of losing a loved one.

Website – https://www.compassionatefriends.org

Contact – Caroline (503)-307-8450


In This Together

In This Together is a program dedicated to providing support for children, teens, and families navigating the challenging journey of grief after the loss of a loved one. Recognizing that experiencing the death of someone close can be isolating and bewildering, In This Together offers a safe and nurturing environment where participants can find solace and connection. [9]

Families gather once a week for eight weeks, joining age-specific groups facilitated by professionals. These groups create a space for participants to express and explore their thoughts and emotions surrounding grief and loss. By sharing experiences and engaging in activities, families enhance communication and gain confidence in coping with their grief.

At In This Together, healing is viewed as a collaborative process within the family, acknowledging that each family copes with death in its own unique way. The program embraces diverse expressions of grief, whether through words, physical activity, or artistic endeavors. Additionally, caregivers are supported in balancing their own grief needs with the responsibilities of parenting.

Post Office Box 592
Marylhurst, Oregon 97036

Website – https://oregonhospice.org

Contact – 1-503-228-2104

In This Together

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[1] Oregon Health Authority : Oregon Death Data : Death Data : State of Oregon. (n.d.). Oregon Death Data : Oregon Health Authority. https://www.oregon.gov/oha/ph/birthdeathcertificates/vitalstatistics/death/pages/index.aspx

[2] Portland Traffic Fatality Tracker. (n.d.). BikePortland. https://bikeportland.org/fatality-tracker

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