Worst Oregon House Fires of 2023

House fires in Oregon are a serious concern, especially during the hot and dry summer months as they destroy hundreds of homes every year. Factors such as cooking accidents, faulty electrical systems, and usage of space heaters contribute to the high incidence of house fires. [1] Proper fire safety measures such as extinguishers can help prevent and combat the largest fires.

News media reported 23 home fire fatalities in Oregon from 1 January to 25 December 2023. [2]

House fires can swiftly engulf a home, leading to the loss of life or pets and the destruction of properties worth billions of dollars, and their scale contributes to poor air quality in the region. The risk is exacerbated in rural areas with limited access to firefighting resources like hydrants.

This article contains a list of the worst Oregon house fires of 2023:


One Person Died in Fairview House Fire

A fatal house fire claimed the life of one person in Fairview on December 24th, as reported by the law enforcement team at Multnomah County. [3]

Responding to a call about a house fire near Creekside Terrace around 10:30 a.m., the fire rescue team managed to extinguish the blaze and prevent it from spreading to neighboring homes. The cause of the fire remains unknown.

One Person Died in Fairview House Fire

One Person Died in a House Fire in the Kenton Neighborhood

Authorities confirmed that one person has died following the worst fire in North Portland’s Kenton Neighborhood on October 31st. [4] The incident prompted the rescue team to respond to the home on 2400 North Schofield upon observing smoke emanating from the second-story windows.

The clutter inside the residence impeded firefighting efforts, but the crews successfully extinguished the fire within ten minutes. Once the blaze was under control, firefighters discovered a person inside the home. Despite being brought out of the house, the victim did not survive.


Fatal House Fire Claimed a Life in Oregon City

Emergency responders rushed to a devastating house fire on Beverly Drive in Oregon City on October 11th. [5] Upon arrival, firefighters found the single-level home engulfed in flames, with thick smoke billowing from the windows. Desperately seeking to contain the blaze, they swiftly deployed hose lines and initiated a search for any individuals inside.

The quick response of the rescue team found a single occupant who was safely removed from the burning building but succumbed to injuries despite the best efforts of paramedics. There were no other individuals present at the time of the fire. A total of 22 firefighters were mobilized to the scene to combat the active fire and bring it under control.

Fatal House Fire Claimed a Life in Oregon City

House Fire Killed a Person, Dog in Multnomah County

In a devastating turn of events, a house fire in Multnomah County, Oregon, resulted in the loss of a life and a pet’s life on September 15th. [6] Reports indicated thick, ominous smoke billowing from home nestled near Plainview Road and NW Cornelius Pass Road, triggering an immediate response from firefighters.

The house was completely engulfed in raging flames. Efforts to combat the inferno commenced swiftly, drawing teams from neighboring fire departments to battle the formidable blaze that consumed the single-story house. Initially, there were no signs of occupants within the residence, compelling responders to focus on an exterior assault.

Amidst the chaos, firefighters discovered the lifeless body of an individual and his pet on the first floor. The home suffered extensive damage and is a total loss. The absence of hydrants in the rural area posed a significant challenge, necessitating water transportation via trucks to support the firefighting efforts.


Lost Three Lives in a Deadly House Fire

A tragic house fire in the 26000 block of NW St. Helens Road, Scappoose, resulted in the loss of three lives on August 6th. [7] Firefighters arrived on the scene to find the residence engulfed in flames.

Firefighters were informed that individuals were trapped in a back bedroom. In a bold move, they broke a window to rescue the victims. Unfortunately, three people and a pet did not survive the blaze.

Lost three Lives in a Deadly House Fire

House Fire Spread to Trees and Engulfed Several Homes Near Banks

On July 15th, a house fire near the intersection of U.S. 26 and Highway 47 spiraled into a dangerous situation, spreading to wildlands and engulfing multiple residences, as the fire rescue team reported. [8]

The incident commenced shortly before 10 a.m. when firefighters swiftly responded to a house engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, the fire extended its reach, encroaching upon a mobile home and adjacent wildland areas.

Several families had lost their homes, and all occupants from the initial burning house were evacuated, though “several civilians” sustained minor injuries. Residents faced a Level 1 evacuation notice throughout the day, prompting readiness.

Restricted access, downed power lines, limited water sources, and weather conditions exacerbated the challenges encountered during firefighting operations.


A Deadly House Fire Killed One and Injured Another

A fatal house fire in Sweet Home on March 11th resulted in the death of one person and left another injured. [9]

The fire was reported near 47th Avenue and Main Street after a 911 call was made a little after 10 p.m. The rescue team arrived at the scene just five minutes later to find the house engulfed in flames and smoke emanating from all sides of the structure.

Prior to the arrival of the fire crews, a man and a woman escaped the blaze and informed the rescue team that another man was still inside the house. The woman attempted to re-enter the building to rescue the man but could not reach him.

A Deadly House Fire Killed One and Injured Another

Boring Family Lost House, Cars, and Pets in House Fire

In a tragic turn of events on December 8th, a local family faced the horrifying sight of their home and vehicles engulfed in flames, resulting in the destruction of their residence. [10] Fortunately, no one was present during the fire, yet the devastating loss of three dogs and a cat has left the family reeling from the aftermath.

Despite having insurance, the family faces an immense financial gap, with their coverage only estimated at approximately $30,000, significantly below the approximate $120,000 value of their lost home.


One Person Injured in Oregon House Fire

One person was transported to an area hospital following a fire in Oregon on November 22nd. [11] According to first responders at the scene, an individual managed to escape a house fire in the 2000 block of Arkansas in Oregon but sustained burns and required medical attention.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire, and they suspect the fire may have originated in the furnace, although the exact cause remains unknown.

One Person Injured in Oregon House Fire

Oregon Home Deemed Total Loss After Fire

A house in Oregon was declared a total loss after it was engulfed in a devastating fire on June 3rd. [12] According to the Oregon fire rescue team, the residence was occupied by grandparents, a child, and four dogs when the fire broke out. Fortunately, the human occupants managed to escape unharmed, but the inferno claimed the lives of two of their dogs.

The task of extinguishing the engulfing flames posed a substantial challenge to firefighting crews, requiring nearly 45 minutes to quell the immense blaze due to its significant scale.

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