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What is a Bus Accident?

A bus accident is any collision that involves a bus. It could include another bus, a car, a truck, a motorcycle, or a train. Buses are large, heavy vehicles that carry a significant number of passengers, and when they are involved in an accident, the potential for serious injury and damage is high.

In the aftermath of a bus accident, there are often multiple parties involved, including the bus driver, the bus company, other drivers, and insurance companies.

What is a Bus Accident?

Common Types of Buses Involved in Bus Accidents

  • School Bus:
    School bus accidents can result in serious injuries and fatalities, especially for the children on board. The most common causes of Valley Bus accidents include driver error, speeding, and failure to yield.

From 2012 to 2021, about 70% of the deaths in school bus-related crashes were occupants of vehicles other than the school bus, and 16% were pedestrians. [1]

  • Public Transit Bus:
    Public transit bus accidents including MATBUS buses can occur due to a variety of reasons, including driver fatigue, distracted driving, and failure to properly maintain.

  • Tour Bus:
    These buses are used to transport tourists to various destinations and can be involved in accidents due to factors such as driver inexperience, aggressive driving, and poor road conditions.

  • Commercial Bus:
    Commercial buses, such as Greyhound buses, are also frequently involved in accidents. These buses are used for long-distance travel and can be involved in accidents due to driver fatigue, mechanical failures, and inclement weather. [2]

Common Bus Accident Injuries

Bus accidents can result in a wide range of injuries for passengers and pedestrians alike. Some of the most common bus accident injuries include:

  • Whiplash: Whiplash occurs when the neck is suddenly forced back and forth, resulting in soft tissue damage.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries: A bus accident can result in passengers hitting their heads on surfaces inside the bus, leading to traumatic brain injuries. These can range from mild concussions to more severe brain trauma.
  • Broken Bones: The force of a bus accident can result in passengers suffering from broken bones, particularly in the arms, legs, and ribs.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: The impact of a bus accident can cause damage to the spinal cord, resulting in serious injuries such as paralysis.
  • Internal Injuries: The force of a bus accident can cause internal organs to be damaged, leading to serious complications and long-term health issues.
  • Mental and Emotional Well-Being:  The trauma of being involved in a bus accident can lead to anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Common Bus Accident Injuries

Proving Liability in Bus Accidents

Bus accidents may involve multiple parties, such as the bus driver, the bus company, other drivers, and even government entities. Determining who is at fault and therefore liable for the accident requires a thorough investigation and gathering of evidence.

The first step in proving liability is determining the cause of the accident. This may involve reviewing the bus driver’s behavior and actions, as well as examining the condition of the bus itself.

Were there any mechanical issues that contributed to the accident? Was the bus driver properly trained and licensed? Did the bus company enforce proper safety regulations and maintenance procedures? 

Other parties may also be held liable for a bus accident. If another driver’s reckless or negligent actions caused the accident, that driver may be held responsible.

If the accident was caused by a road hazard or poor road conditions, the government entity responsible for maintaining the road may be liable.

Types of Compensation in Bus Accident Cases

Our Fargo personal injury lawyers will pursue the appropriate damages so that your financial situation will be restored to what it was before your accident. We look into:

  • Medical expenses: This may include compensation for past, present, and future medical costs related to injuries sustained in the bus accident.
  • Lost income: If the bus accident caused injuries that resulted in missed work or a decreased ability to work, compensation may be sought for lost wages and future earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering: Victims of bus accidents may seek compensation for physical and emotional distress caused by the accident, including pain, anxiety, and other non-economic damages.
  • Property damage: Compensation may be sought for the repair or replacement of personal property that was damaged in the bus accident, such as a vehicle.
  • Disability and disfigurement: Victims who sustain long-term or permanent disabilities or disfigurements from a bus accident may seek compensation for the resulting limitations and impact on their quality of life.
  • Loss of consortium: In some cases, spouses of a bus accident victim may seek compensation for the loss of the victim’s companionship, support, and services.
  • Punitive damages: In cases of extreme negligence or reckless behavior, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the at-fault party and deter similar behavior in the future.
Types of Compensation in Bus Accident Cases

Why You Need a Bus Accident Lawyer From Goldberg & Loren

With our extensive knowledge of personal injury law and our aggressive advocacy for our clients, we:

  • We help victims of bus accidents navigate the complex legal process
  • Fight for the maximum possible compensation for injuries and damages
  • Have a proven track record of success in representing clients involved in bus accidents
  • Conduct a thorough investigation of the accident
  • Have the resources, experience, and determination to take on large corporations and insurance companies
  • Ensure that your rights are protected and your best interests are served

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