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What is a Burn Injury?

A burn Injury refers to any damage to the body’s tissue caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, or radiation. These injuries can range from minor burns to severe, life-threatening injuries. [1]

What is a Burn Injury?

Types of Burn Injuries

All types of burns can be very painful and can lead to serious complications, such as infection, scarring, and potentially death.

Categories of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are classified according to the depth and severity of tissue damage. The four main types of burn injuries are:

Categories of Burn Injuries

Recoverable Compensation for Burn Injury Victims

Burn injury victims can potentially recover a wide range of compensation for their damages, both economic and non-economic.

Economic damages or monetary compensation are tangible financial damages that can be directly linked to the burn injury. These damages typically include:

Non-economic damages are intangible damages that cannot be easily quantified in monetary terms.

In rare cases, punitive damages may be awarded in addition to economic and non-economic damages. These damages are meant to punish the defendant for particularly egregious or reckless conduct that caused the burn injury.

Statute of Limitations for Burn Injury Cases in Boise

In Boise, Idaho, the Statute of Limitations for burn injury cases is two years. This means that individuals who have suffered a burn injury have two years from the date of the injury to file an accident claim against the responsible party.

If an accident victim fails to file within the two-year timeframe, they may be unable to pursue legal action and seek compensation for their medical care, lost wages, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and other damages related to the burn injury. This can have a significant impact on the injured person’s ability to receive the financial support they need to cover their expenses and recover from their burn-related injuries. 

Statute of Limitations for Burn Injury Cases in Boise

The Importance of Hiring a Burn Injury Attorney for Your Case

Suffering from burn injuries can have long-term repercussions, including physical and emotional trauma, as well as the potential for significant medical bills and lost wages.

Seeking damages for these expenses is vital to receive the necessary care and support for recovery. This is where hiring our burn injury attorneys becomes essential. See what you stand to gain from our legal services. We will:

We are committed to helping you recover from your burn injury and move forward with your life.

Don’t leave your future to chance – hire our dedicated personal injury attorneys in Boise to help you secure the justice and financial compensation you deserve.


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