Dog Laws in Hillsboro

Are You Aware of the Laws and Regulations for Dogs in Hillsboro?

As a responsible pet owner, you must understand the importance of adhering to dog laws in Hillsboro. It includes rules regarding dog licensing, leash requirements, and waste management.

To create a harmonious living environment for humans and dogs, the dog laws in Hillsboro are designed to guarantee a shared, respectful coexistence. Read on to understand how these laws have been established to benefit both dogs and their owners.

Are You Aware of the Laws and Regulations for Dogs in Hillsboro?

Licensing Laws for Dogs in Hillsboro

In Hillsboro, Washington County, dog licensing requirements are in place to ensure responsible pet ownership and the welfare of dogs in the community. By licensing your dog, you not only comply with local regulations but also help facilitate your pet’s safe return if they happen to get lost.

Here are some essential details about licensing requirements for dogs in Hillsboro [1]

  • Licensing Authority: The Animal Services Division in Hillsboro is responsible for administering and enforcing dog licensing regulations.
  • Age Requirement: Dogs must be at least six months of age to be eligible for licensing. The mother’s license covers puppies under this age.
  • Licensing Process: You can apply for a dog license through the Animal Services website or by visiting their administrative office in Hillsboro. The application requires the dog’s name, breed, age, gender, and proof of current rabies vaccination. [2]
  • License Fees: The fees for animal licenses (dog) in Hillsboro are as follows:

    Fertile dog:
    $51 (1 year), $95 (2 years), $136 (3 years)

    Spayed/neutered dog: $31 (1 year), $51 (2 years), $72 (3 years)

    Senior citizens above 65 years (must be spayed/neutered dog): $22 (1 year), $37 (2 years), $54 (3 years)

  • Late License Renewal Fee: Renew your dog’s license before it expires, as failure to do so may result in a fine of $12.
  • Medallions and Tags: After a successful license application and payment, you will receive a unique identification tag or medallion for your dog. It proves that the dog is licensed and may need to be attached to the dog’s collar at all times. You will get the replacement tag for a fee of $5.
  • Rabies Vaccination Requirement: One of the prerequisites for licensing a dog in Hillsboro is proof of the current rabies vaccine. Dogs must remain up-to-date with rabies shots to ensure public safety and health.
  • Benefits of Licensing: Besides compliance with local laws, there are several advantages to licensing your dog. A current license and tag on your pet’s collar can aid in their quick identification and return if they go missing. It also ensures that your dog is current on its rabies vaccination, which is critical for public health and the safety of other animals.
Licensing Laws for Dogs in Hillsboro

Leash Laws in Hillsboro

To make your dog and the community safe, it is required that your dog be leashed whenever it is not on your property. If your dog happens to leave your property, it must be on a physical leash that is no longer than seven feet.

You can keep your dog on without a leash in designated off-leash areas such as dog parks. However, your dog must be under your voice command, even in an approved off-leash park.

In addition, the person walking the dog should be physically capable of handling and controlling them effectively. The leash requirement is in place to prevent any potential harm or incidents while your dog is out in public.

Responsibilities of Dog Owners in Hillsboro

As a Hillsboro dog lover, you must understand and uphold your responsibilities to create a harmonious community. Hillsboro has established specific rules and regulations to ensure pets’ and residents’ safety and well-being. [3]

  • Provide adequate access to food and water for your dog to support their normal growth and maintain a proper body weight
  • Provide access to clean shelter, space for exercise, and adequate temperature
  • Ensure that your dog has a license if it’s six months old
  • Keep your dog on a leash when it’s outside of your private property to prevent any potential harm to others
  • Promptly dispose of your dog’s waste in designated receptacles
  • Take necessary precautions to prevent your dog from causing any damage, such as limiting chewing on community property

Penalties for Violating Dog Laws in Hillsboro

To avoid penalties, adhere to leash, license, and dog waste codes. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in a citation, and if found in violation, you could be subject to a ticket with a maximum fine of up to $500. [4]

Allowing a dog to cause a continuous annoyance for five minutes or more within 15 minutes is considered a public nuisance. It comes under a Class C Civil Infraction for the dog owner or keeper. Under this, you must pay a minimum fine of $80 and a maximum of $500. [4]

If your dog at large is found to be chasing and menacing, display threatening or aggressive behavior, or otherwise threaten or endanger the safety of any domestic animal or livestock but does not cause physical injury, it also comes under Class C Civil Infraction. [5]

If your dog, while at large, bites and causes physical injury to any domestic animal or livestock, it will come under Class B Civil Infraction, and you may have to pay a minimum fine of $260 and a maximum of $1,000. [5]

If your dog, whether or not at large, causes serious physical injury or death of any person or any livestock or domestic animal, it will come under Class A Civil Infraction, and you may have to pay a minimum fine of $435 and a maximum of $2,000. [5]

Besides, your dog may be impounded in Hillsboro for various reasons, including but not limited to roaming at large, being a stray or abandoned dog, violating leash laws, exhibiting aggressive behavior, or being involved in bite incidents.

The local authorities take these regulations seriously to promote responsible pet ownership and ensure the well-being and safety of the community. Therefore, be aware of and comply with these codes to avoid legal consequences.

Penalties for Violating Dog Laws in Hillsboro

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Yes, there are leash laws in Hillsboro. Dogs must be on a leash at not more than seven feet and under the control of their owners or handlers when in public areas, including parks, trails, and sidewalks.

Yes, there are limitations on the number of dogs you can own in Hillsboro. The city ordinance states that residents can have a maximum of three dogs over the age of six months per household. [6]

Yes, there are noise regulations for dogs in Hillsboro. It is prohibited to allow your dog to create excessive noise that disturbs the peace and quiet of the neighborhood. Continuous annoyance for over 5 minutes within a 15-minute period is a public nuisance and a Class C Civil Infraction for dog owners. You'll be fined a minimum of $80 and up to a maximum of $500. [4]


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