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When Can a Third-Party Be Liable?

In construction accident cases, a third party refers to any individual or entity that is not the worker’s employer.

This can include the following:

When Can a Third-Party Be Liable?

Here are some situations where a third party may be held accountable for a construction accident:

Negligence of Another Contractor or Subcontractor:

Construction projects often involve multiple contractors and subcontractors working together.

If a worker is injured due to the negligence of another contractor or subcontractor on the same construction site, they may have a third-party claim against that party.

This can include situations where a contractor fails to follow safety protocols or uses improper techniques, leading to accidents that injure other workers.

Defective Equipment or Machinery:

If a worker sustains an injury due to a faulty tool or machinery that was not manufactured by their employer, they may have a claim against the manufacturer or seller of the equipment.

This can include products such as power tools, scaffolding, cranes, forklifts, or any other machinery used on the construction site.

Defective Equipment or Machinery

Premises Liability:

Construction sites can be hazardous places with various risks, such as uneven surfaces, inadequate signage, poorly maintained walkways, or unsafe working areas.

If a worker is injured due to dangerous conditions on the property, they may have a third-party claim against the property owner or manager. It is the responsibility of the property owner or manager to maintain a safe environment for workers and visitors.

Motor Vehicle Accidents:

Construction workers often need to travel between job sites or transport materials using vehicles. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents can occur on the road, resulting in injuries to construction workers.

If a worker is involved in an accident while on the job, such as a car collision or a truck accident, they may have a third-party claim against the at-fault driver or their insurance company.

Motor Vehicle Accidents:

In these third-party construction accident cases, injured workers may be entitled to seek compensation for various damages. These can include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and even punitive damages in severe cases.

Unlike workers’ compensation claims, third-party claims allow injured workers to pursue damages for non-economic losses like pain and suffering.

Our experienced personal injury attorneys in Albuquerque have the knowledge and expertise to assess the details of the accident, identify the responsible party, gather evidence, and build a strong case for maximum compensation.

Common Types of Construction Accidents

In 2020, there were 976 workers in the field of construction and extraction who died on the job. [1]

Common Types of Construction Accidents

Common Causes of Construction Site Injuries

There are many factors which may contribute to these construction-site injuries, including:

The top causes of construction-related fatalities are falls, struck by an object, electrocution, and caught between objects. [2]

Common Causes of Construction Site Injuries

Roles and Responsibilities of a 3rd Party Accident Attorney

Investigate the Claim and Facts Surrounding the Incident

When a worker sustains injuries on a construction site, there may be multiple parties involved who could be held responsible for the accident. This is where our experienced third-party accident attorney comes into play.

We thoroughly investigate the claim and gather all the necessary facts surrounding the incident. This includes examining the accident reports, medical records, witness statements, and any other available documentation.

Determine Liability for Your Injuries

When you’ve been injured in a construction accident, it must be determined who is liable for your injuries. This involves identifying the party or parties whose negligence or actions contributed to the accident.

Determining liability may not always be straightforward, especially in complex construction accident cases. There are many parties involved in construction projects, such as contractors, subcontractors, equipment manufacturers, property owners, and others.

They will examine whether the contractors followed proper safety guidelines, if the equipment used was defective or improperly maintained, or if the property owner failed to provide a safe working environment. By examining each party’s role, your attorney can determine who may be liable for your injuries.

Determine Liability for Your Injuries

Negotiate a Settlement with Insurance Companies on Your Behalf

Insurance companies have teams of adjusters and lawyers who are well-versed in the legal system and know how to navigate it in their favor.

They will often try to pressure you into accepting a low settlement offer or even deny your personal injury claim altogether. This is where your attorney steps in to level the playing field and protect your rights.

Represent You in Court if Necessary

At Goldberg & Loren, we understand that negotiations with insurance companies don’t always lead to a fair settlement. In such cases, you can trust that our team of experienced Albuquerque construction 3rd party accident attorneys will be prepared to represent you in court if necessary.

Once your case reaches the courtroom, we will serve as your dedicated advocates, fighting for your rights and seeking the justice you deserve. Drawing upon our extensive knowledge of personal injury law, we will present a compelling and robust case on your behalf.

During the trial, we will present the evidence we have gathered during the investigation phase, including medical records, accident reports, witness testimonies, and expert opinions. Our meticulous approach ensures that we clearly illustrate the extent of your injuries, the financial losses you have incurred, and the emotional distress you have endured as a direct result of the accident.

Rest assured that when you choose Goldberg & Loren as your legal representation, we will tirelessly fight for your rights, both inside and outside the courtroom. Your best interests and the pursuit of fair compensation are our top priorities.

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Represent You in Court if Necessary​


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